Monday, April 18, 2011

Too many pics???

I hope you don't think so....

This morning I sat at the machine. It was wonderful. Remember how I said I needed four blocks or so to complete the Easy Spider Web blocks?? Well, my memory failed me once again. (Surprised?? Not me.) Nope, I needed ten of these lovely "blocks". (Actually, what I am calling blocks are a four patch of the Easy Spider Web blocks found on Quilter's Cache.) So, I printed the patterns off and started sewing. I'm about done with them.

And, here is what happens when I sew. This is what my sewing room REALLY looks like. :)

But, before I could finish sewing those blocks, my help arrived.....and construction began on my raised bed.

Woo hoo!!! Dear Older Daughter's boyfriend, and Dear Younger Son did the construction.

Dear Younger Daughter helped haul the dirt, compost and manure to the back yard. I supervised.

And, what did Dear Older Daughter do??? Her nails. :)

Here is a picture of the newly installed raised garden. I still have some plants to put in....and the tomato needs it's cage. :)

And, I tried to get a pic of Dear Older Daughter and her boyfriend....and this is what my son did. Always a nut.

Finally, a good pic.

Happy Quilting!!!!!!


Betty Lou said...

Glad to see your sewing rooms gets like that also. My sewing room is also where my two grandson sleep when they visit, so it is a little crowded.
You can always count on your children when you need a job done, good work.

WhiteStone said...

What a handy bunch of young people! Great job!

As for the sewing area...I love that you can look out your window while in front of your machine. Lovely. Yah...I have pieces flying everywhere when I am working on a

Darlene said...

Your sewing room reveals that you're having tons of fun.

Woohoo on the new 'bed' - gotta love those kids. :-)

Quiet Quilter said...

So nice to have good help these will need to feed them from your garden when it's ready.

We all "go with the flow" when we are at our machines...remember Eleanor Burns and her flick of the wrist throw downs......

Rhonda said...

Such fun! Looking forward to seeing the block photos! The raised garden bed is great! You can grow more than you think in that size of a garden!

Denise said...

Looks like my sewing room when I'm having a productive day! Your spider web blocks look beautiful.