Friday, April 8, 2011


Look what came in the mail yesterday!! Backing for my next project. I ordered 9 yards of this stuff...should be enough with some left over. Was that done on purpose?? Perhaps. :)

And, while our aide was here with Dear Hubby yesterday, I made a run to two more local quilt shops. I wasn't real impressed with the first one. A kind, but very old lady, owns the shop and I don't think things have moved in a LONG time. Some of the stuff in the shop looks like it's been there for years. No Reproduction fabrics at all, but I did find these two yard pieces, from Little Quilts. I have to make myself buy backgrounds and light fabrics. Gotta have them. And, if I go into a quilt shop and browse a bit, I hope there is something there I can purchase. Found something this time. (Just keeping our local quilts shops open, one yard at a time.)

The second quilt shop had what I went shopping for in the first place....batting. I LOVE Quilter's Dream Cotton Batting. And Request is my favorite. Thin, and oh so easy to hand quilt. Feels so good to the touch and gives my quilts that old fashioned look I love. Crinkles well without too much shrinkage.

I bought a double, a queen and a throw size......

Now that I have the backing and the batting.....I can start on my next hand quilting project. Sigh. That makes me so happy. Although it will have to wait til the weekend is over. Too much going on to quilt.

My sweet grandson (and his mom and dad) are on their way for a birthday weekend. Commence the grilling of hamburgers and hot dogs. Nana (me) has made a huge bowl of potato salad and everything is ready.

Oh, and I have one more project to show, but that will have to wait til a bit later, when I find some time to blog about it. I've got something in the dryer.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Quilting!!!!!!


WhiteStone said...

A large bowl of potato salad is always a "must" at our summer gatherings.

Waiting to see your new project.

As for me? I have a 1940s vintage quilt in the closet that I began hand-quilting years ago. I think I'll pull it out and work on it. It's pretty wild in color!

Betty Lou said...

Quilters Dream is also my favorite, Select for machine quilting, Request for hand. I don't think it can be beat, but then I haven't tried all the fancy manchy battings.

Quiet Quilter said...

Strayed from Quilter's Dream and was disappointed..had a gift certificate to "another store"...Never again!