Friday, April 29, 2011


This morning, I pulled out my Hopscotch quilt top to begin the basting process! Woot woot!

I pressed and pieced my backing. I pulled out my "basting table" and got the quilt top basted! So exciting!

Now, I'm going to make a quick run to JoAnn's and pick up some more quilting thread. I use mostly off white/cream colored thread and I haven't bought hand quilting thread in so long, I'm afraid I'll run out of what is on the last spool I have. So, I'm going to restock, so that I'm SURE I have enough to finish this top.

As usual, it will take me a bit to finish this one. I made it from my leftover reproduction strips. And, I'm using Quilter's Dream Request batting. SO nice for hand quilting. The quilt will fit my double bed. I'll measure it again in a bit when I get it out to start the quilting, I've already forgotten the measurement. :)

I suppose it's time to start thinking of the next top to work on....I have lots of them in process, and I'd like to finish one up and get it made into a top.

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy Spider Web bits and bobs:

1. Paper piecing the blocks was NOT the problem. That's the fun part.

2. Maneuvering the stiff quilt to sew the top together was frustrating, but not really hard!

3. I do not like removing the papers either, but I love the ease of paper piecing. Sometimes it's worth the trouble. But I don't think so right now. LOL Give me some time. :)

4. It does use up lots of scraps....but those scraps multiply and now I have another bucket full. *sigh*

5. If you've never paper try it. And, yes, start small. LOL

6. The name of the block is Easy Spider Web block. It's not necessarily easy, but nothing to be afraid of.

7. And, yes, we ALL have too many irons in the fire! :)

Thanks so much for the comments......

Easy Spider Web Top DONE!!!

I haven't said much, but I've been working away on the Easy Spider Web Top, from Quilter's Cache. It's a free paper pieced pattern, so check it out!

I'll be honest. The blocks were easy, even FUN to make! And, putting together the rows weren't horrid.....but when it came to assembling the top. Oh my! This one almost got my goat.

Because there are biased edges once the blocks are trimmed, you really can't remove the paper until those biased seams have been sewn.

I removed a lot of paper as I went along, because it's impossible to get a large quilt with paper backing under your sewing machine foot without it pulling. It was like a tug of war. And, a couple of times I caved and walked away.

I would wait a couple of hours, over night and finally went two days before going back into the sewing room to finish it up.

Once I was done with the top, I knew I would have to leave the rest of the paper on the quilt edges unless I finished the top with a border. I really don't have room to store a quilt that has all that extra thickness from the paper. I thought about it and thought about it and then looked at the pattern page again. Marica Hohn had already thought this one out for me. I chose to use the border she shows on the pattern page.

It's scrappy and pieced and frames the quilt well. And, it wasn't hard, well, not really....but since I made my border really scrappy it took a few hours to cut and sew. I had to do the math myself since directions weren't posted for the border. Those corners had me thinking for about 20 minutes.

Now the top is done.

And, I can now begin the process of removing the last of the papers from the back around the edge of the quilt. It turned out well, but it almost ate my lunch. I think it might be a while before I make another paper pieced bed sized quilt....well, maybe.

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Crumbs and bits.....

EDITED: Someone has claimed the bag of crumbs and bits.... thanks everyone!

Is anyone interested in my crumbs and bits?? They are big enough to do something with, but I know I won't. I hate to throw them out if someone else will use them.

Here is the pic of the basket. I added some to it, especially more darks and mediums.

There are pieces in here that are NOT pedigreed. Not all of these fabrics are quilt shop quality. Some were given to me YEARS ago and may have been purchased at JoAnns (pre-quilt shop quality days) or who knows where else.

I have a gallon sized Ziploc bag full of lights and darks (some mediums). I'll pay for shipping.....

So, if you would like them, let me know. First come, first serve.....just comment on this post and then I can get your address by e-mail.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

He is risen!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day Freebies....

Whether you celebrate Earth Day or not, who can resist a freebie???

Friday the 22nd:

Starbucks is giving away a free coffee or tea, as long as you bring in a reusable cup.

And, Lowe's Home Improvement is giving away free trees. Not sure what kind, etc. but visit your local Lowe's on Friday to get one.

Happy Quilting!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More sewing and online shopping

Last night I finished sewing all the pieces of the Easy Spider Web blocks. And, this morning I started trimming them. Next, I will be assembling them into the 7 inch blocks and then into "four patches". I had to pull from one of my strip drawers to finish these blocks up. But it didn't take much. My real "scrap basket" is empty!!

I'm still cutting new strips from that bucket found out in the garage, but it's such a tedious task, I'm taking my sweet time. I can't cut strips for more than an hour or I get bored. :)

I found this book on Amazon and LOVE the fabrics Kim uses in this book. It's easy to get
inspired when you see quilts made in your favorite colors.

LinkI'm a lover of saturated colors, reproductions and scraps....and this book has it all. The quilt on the cover caught my eye. And, there are several more in there that I LOVE. I haven't bought a new book in a while, so that was special treat.

And, I found some reproduction fabrics on clearance. YUM! They were just over $5 a yard. COULD NOT pass them up. I chose to get one yard cuts instead of five yards of one fabric. I'm collecting fabrics for a yummy reproduction scrap quilt.

And, Dear Younger Son hung my Comfort of Psalms in our living room. I've hated the picture that was hanging there. It was old and out of date, and I hadn't found anything to replace it. SO glad now that I never did. I love the quilt hanging here and it matches my living room perfectly.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Too many pics???

I hope you don't think so....

This morning I sat at the machine. It was wonderful. Remember how I said I needed four blocks or so to complete the Easy Spider Web blocks?? Well, my memory failed me once again. (Surprised?? Not me.) Nope, I needed ten of these lovely "blocks". (Actually, what I am calling blocks are a four patch of the Easy Spider Web blocks found on Quilter's Cache.) So, I printed the patterns off and started sewing. I'm about done with them.

And, here is what happens when I sew. This is what my sewing room REALLY looks like. :)

But, before I could finish sewing those blocks, my help arrived.....and construction began on my raised bed.

Woo hoo!!! Dear Older Daughter's boyfriend, and Dear Younger Son did the construction.

Dear Younger Daughter helped haul the dirt, compost and manure to the back yard. I supervised.

And, what did Dear Older Daughter do??? Her nails. :)

Here is a picture of the newly installed raised garden. I still have some plants to put in....and the tomato needs it's cage. :)

And, I tried to get a pic of Dear Older Daughter and her boyfriend....and this is what my son did. Always a nut.

Finally, a good pic.

Happy Quilting!!!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I's bragging,

but I just couldn't help it. He's such a cutie! :)

My grandson, in case you've forgotten. LOL

I am sewing away on the Easy Spider Web blocks. I was wrong, I needed twice the amount of blocks I thought I did. But I'm determined to go the extra mile and make this quilt big enough for a bed, or for two to cuddle under. I'm about half way through with making all the blocks. Pics when I'm done. Hopefully, tomorrow sometime, after we put in the herb bed.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another finish!!!

Finished up the last touches on this little quilt this morning. SO happy to have it done. Please excuse the pictures, but Dear Older Daughter borrowed my camera this morning and I didn't want to wait til tomorrow to post pics. :) These were taken outside with my camera phone....

Thursday, Dear Younger Daughter and I went shopping, picked up some books at the bookstore, some more accessories for the grill, made a quick run into Bath and Body Works, lunch at Chipotle, and picked up some herbs at Lowe's. Monday we are putting in an herb garden...sweet basil, mint, thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley and a tomato and bell pepper plant. We'll see if I can get in a few more veggie plants too, just depends on my help.

Friday, I slept in and then got a text from my dear friend. She came by for about three hours, we had coffee on the deck, and chatted while I sewed on the binding on my Comfort of Psalms quilt. Made a quick run to HEB to pick up the remaining grocery items we needed.

It's been a busy week and I'm about ready for some machine time. I want to finish up about four more Easy Spider Web blocks and get that quilt together. And, I would love to spend some time this week, basting my next double sized quilt. The batting is here and the back needs to be pieced.

Happy Quilting!!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.....

and still working away on the Comfort of Psalms (link to panel). Finished up the last of the quilting last night and am hoping to get to the binding tonight.

Tuesday, I spent the day cleaning and preparing for a Premiere Jewelry party my daughter was hosting her at our home. We had lots of last minute cancellations, but still had a great time. I found three items I couldn't live without. Really loved it.

Yesterday was my day to run to Sam's Club. Stocked up on all the necessaries....and found some things I wasn't expecting. Fresh English peas.....amazing! Nothing compares to the "real" peas, not frozen. Yum.

And, today our Home Health Aide is coming, so I'll do my grocery shopping, and then we have our Small Group tonight. We meet every other week.

Lots to to write out my grocery list and maybe attempt to get the binding sewn on, so that I can hand stitch it tonight.

A sign that hangs by my front door.

And, here are some pics of flowers I planted a couple of weeks ago.

This one is called Blue Daze. I'm in love with this color right now....

And, this one is a Plumbago......the butterflies love this one.

This one is called Coral Bells.....for the hummingbirds.

Happy Quilting!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Comfort of Psalms....

and itching fingers.

I finished my Red Strings quilt on Tuesday, stumbled onto my Log Cabin Mini on Wednesday and finished it up on Thursday.

Friday morning, I woke up and got everything done that I could do for our grandson's first birthday party and had a really bad case of itching fingers. I needed a quilting fix of some kind.....

I looked into my cabinet, where my tops stew until ready to be quilted and pulled out another smallish top. I've loved this top for several years, pulled it out often and looked at it....but Friday morning, my itching fingers had to have a top to quilt.

I didn't have time to piece the backing for that other quilt, and I didn't want to drag out all my piecing projects 4 hours before all the family showed up, so what did I do? I took that throw sized batting I just purchased and started pin basting my Comfort Of Pslams quilt. The backing was already pieced and ready to go. My intentions were to just baste it.

But, once it was basted, I thought, hmmmm, I could get in a couple of stitches here and there. And, that is what I did.

I quilted some on it Friday, spent a bit more time on it Saturday before I sat with our grandson while his mommy did some shopping and his daddy ran some errands. Quilted a bit on Saturday evening while watching television with Dear Hubby.

On Sunday, after making a big breakfast for my kids, and after my Dallas kids took off for home, I quilted some more. I quilted while we watched television, breaking only for dinner and refills of Ginger Ale.....

And, I've got this little (42x50 inches) quilt about half quilted!

Woo hoo!!!

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edited: The pattern is my own, I didn't like the quilts I had seen using these panels, so I made up my own.....and I can't remember the name of this fabric line either. There are a few odd pieces of fabric added into this quilt too.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bricks and Stepping Stones

I've shown this quilt before, but this is a much better picture. I have it on my bed right doesn't fit perfectly, but makes a wonderful second layer quilt.

Bricks and Stepping Stones - Bonnie Hunter

And, a shameless Nana picture of my sweet grandson, at his birthday party.

Happy Quilting!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A quick finish

While digging around in the sewing room, I found this sweet little quilt I had started and not finished. The sad thing is all the quilt needed was an hours worth of quilting and some binding.

The blocks are paper pieced using my Reproduction scraps. This one looks so nice on my breakfast table.

Another finish!!!Now I want a bed sized one of these! :)

Edited: I think I got the paper pieced pattern here....not sure, but this one will work, if you decide to make this quilt.

Happy Quilting!!!!!


Look what came in the mail yesterday!! Backing for my next project. I ordered 9 yards of this stuff...should be enough with some left over. Was that done on purpose?? Perhaps. :)

And, while our aide was here with Dear Hubby yesterday, I made a run to two more local quilt shops. I wasn't real impressed with the first one. A kind, but very old lady, owns the shop and I don't think things have moved in a LONG time. Some of the stuff in the shop looks like it's been there for years. No Reproduction fabrics at all, but I did find these two yard pieces, from Little Quilts. I have to make myself buy backgrounds and light fabrics. Gotta have them. And, if I go into a quilt shop and browse a bit, I hope there is something there I can purchase. Found something this time. (Just keeping our local quilts shops open, one yard at a time.)

The second quilt shop had what I went shopping for in the first place....batting. I LOVE Quilter's Dream Cotton Batting. And Request is my favorite. Thin, and oh so easy to hand quilt. Feels so good to the touch and gives my quilts that old fashioned look I love. Crinkles well without too much shrinkage.

I bought a double, a queen and a throw size......

Now that I have the backing and the batting.....I can start on my next hand quilting project. Sigh. That makes me so happy. Although it will have to wait til the weekend is over. Too much going on to quilt.

My sweet grandson (and his mom and dad) are on their way for a birthday weekend. Commence the grilling of hamburgers and hot dogs. Nana (me) has made a huge bowl of potato salad and everything is ready.

Oh, and I have one more project to show, but that will have to wait til a bit later, when I find some time to blog about it. I've got something in the dryer.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Quilting!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Celebrating the birth of a sweet boy!

From a not so tiny baby boy, born almost a year ago....... (can you believe that hair???)

To a sweet baby boy who has stolen his Nana and Papa's heart!!!! Can't wait to see him on Friday!

This pic cracks me up. Our daughter in law loves Coke and Erik found her stash. He knew what to do with it, but couldn't get it open. He looks like he's been drinking all day. :)