Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dove Chocolate

First, thank you all for sharing your opinions about blogging. I agree that a bit of personal information makes a blog feel "chatty" and "personal". But, I know too much personal information can seem more like a private diary. And while we all love a bit of juicy gossip, most diaries are full of the mundane, and not really much fun to read. :)

So, in the interest of adding some personal information......I may put a picture or two of my grandson on my blog. His first birthday is coming up soon, and I never did introduce you, did I??

An interesting thing happened today that made me smile. On the way into the sewing room, I picked up a Dove chocolate out of the candy dish. I opened it as I was walking into the sewing room and it said, "Make time for yourself." I felt so in sync with the universe this afternoon.

I cut a few more pieces of fabric up into squares, and decided that since a friend is coming to see me on Tuesday, I needed to do some cleaning in the sewing room. I got out my Swiffer and dusted everything, put things away and straightened up a bit. It was too messy, really. I wonder why the sewing room is the only room in the house I don't mind cleaning??? Now I just need to run the vacuum cleaner through it.

A pic from my sewing room.....

Happy Quilting!!!!


WhiteStone said...

Chocolate! Hubby bought a pound of soft-centers and each tasty piece is like a momentary respite. Or maybe it's just that my mouth says, "Sugar! Yum!". lol

Denise said...

I just did some rearranging and cleaning in my sewing room, it is so nice to sit and sew in a clean, organized room!

Glad that you are taking some time for yourself, I find it recharges my battery.


Lori said...

yup, I like to read about it all. I agree, not REAL personal, but there's a lot of info that's fun to share. I have learned so much "stuff" from blogs! Techniques. Recipes. Just ooodles of odd bits of information. Vacation destinations!

Betty Lou said...

Paula, Welcome Back. I was so worried about you and today I decided just to put your blog name in----and there you were, back again. You were one of the first blogs that I started reading and since I have talked to you last, I started my own blog. You must have been an inspiration to me.

Hope you take a peek at
So glad you are back and I will go in now and sign in as a Follower. Hugs, Betty Lou