Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy Spider Web bits and bobs:

1. Paper piecing the blocks was NOT the problem. That's the fun part.

2. Maneuvering the stiff quilt to sew the top together was frustrating, but not really hard!

3. I do not like removing the papers either, but I love the ease of paper piecing. Sometimes it's worth the trouble. But I don't think so right now. LOL Give me some time. :)

4. It does use up lots of scraps....but those scraps multiply and now I have another bucket full. *sigh*

5. If you've never paper try it. And, yes, start small. LOL

6. The name of the block is Easy Spider Web block. It's not necessarily easy, but nothing to be afraid of.

7. And, yes, we ALL have too many irons in the fire! :)

Thanks so much for the comments......

1 comment:

suemac said...

I looked at your profile and we are both lucky to have four wonderful children. One of mine is actually getting married. Yeah. Don't get too frustrated. That block is so cute.