Monday, January 4, 2010

Sticking with it

I made another Easy Spider Web block this morning, so now I'm up to 15 blocks! Yes! I ran out of paper piecing templates and Dear Hubby was still sleeping, so I couldn't print more until he got up. Instead, I put together a backing for my red strings quilt.

Last year, I cut lots of "not so nice fabric" into 10 1/2 squares (as Bonnie Hunter does) and this morning, I dug through them and found the perfect fabrics ready to be assembled into a backing. I got it all put together this morning. I think these "not so nice fabrics" work together to make a "really great" backing. Now I have another quilt basted and in the hand quilting stack....just waiting it's turn.

And this evening I started quilting my sweet little grandson's quilt. (And, here is the close up, before I added the blue border.) He is due in April. I am hand quilting his quilt and I really needed to get started on it. Feels good to be hand quilting again.

I took another pic of the Log Cabin Mini because I think the blue carpet throws the color off in the other picture. I don't know when I'll get it quilted because I have so many waiting as it is. But I just can't help making new things. I doubt I'll ever get them all quilted unless I start saving my money and pay someone to machine quilt them for me!!!

I really have no idea what I actually did today, but I do know that I was busy all day!! Well, I did get a nice nap today, so maybe that's where some of the time went.

It seems like I take lots of naps...and I try to almost every day. Full time caregiving and full time quilting can really wear a girl out! LOL

Happy Quilting!!!!!!


Jackie said...

You have been busy! I'm sure your grandson will treasure his quilt!

Anonymous said...

The log cabin mini is wonderful. I bought a pattern to paper piece one such as yours and did a sample block but haven't yet had time to devote to sewing it. I had a little trouble at first remembering how to paper piece, it's not something I've done much of.

Material Mary said...

you are being way productive. Keep it up.

Diane said...

I envy you taking a nap! I have enough trouble sleeping at night and naps make it worse. But I know they sure feel good.
The pieced backgrounds don't cause problems for hand quilting? I told Ray I was going to save my dollars for a long arm machine. I could pay for one with just what it would cost to quilt the tops I have, and I plan on making a lot more!

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

This little log cabin mini is gorgeous! Even as I continue to discover new blocks log cabins are still my favorite. Nothing says QUILT better! :)