Monday, January 18, 2010

Focus Project: FUN!!!!!

Ok, this week, I'm focusing on having fun with quilting. I mean, seriously, isn't that why I quilt?? Because I enjoy it???? (And it keeps me sane...ok, well, some semblance of sanity.)

I did get a lot done the past two weeks on two separate quilts, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. The problem is that I don't like to do things because I have to, and I wasn't excited about finding some project to pull out and focus on. So, I decided this week, I'm going to have fun with sewing and quilting, and do whatever my muse tells me to do. (No, I'm not into Greek Mythology....I'm just going with whatever inspires me.)

This morning, inspiration hit while looking through a bucket to see what in the world was in there. I found the ends of fabric in there. I saved them because they were too large to throw away, but really to narrow to do anything with, and the fabric itself was nothing to write home about.

But, as I looked at the shapes, it reminded me of Chinese coins. Not really, but it kinda reminded me of coins. So, anyway, in the name of fun, I started sewing. They were ends, so they weren't straight or exactly the same size. I just put them together. Then, chopped some off, moved them around and ended up with this little quilt.

I added 3 inch borders (finished at 2 1/2 inches). The quilt measures 21x25 inches. And, then I remembered, a special little girl I know is having a birthday very soon.....and she NEEDS a doll quilt.

Can you believe I have used every last piece of batting I owned? I don't even have any left over to piece together. So, looks like I'll need to make another run to JoAnn's or something, don't you think???

I'm going to machine quilt this one so that the sweet little girl can wag this one around, through the dirt, and every where without worrying. I hope mommy lets her use and abuse this one, wash it a million times and love it to death. It's such a mess of fabrics, she certainly won't be able to hurt it!

Oh, and in case your wondering.....I had FUN focusing on this project. I wonder what I will do next????

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Material Mary said...

Such a very cute little doll quilt. It should be much loved.

ohiostar5 said...

Cute, cute, cute, it will some little girl and her dolly very happy. I am going to sew something fun tomorrow, just finished a quilt that I had to take to guild Tuesday night------it wasn't fun!

Anonymous said...

Love that little quilt, it's just so cute.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

cute little quilt!!!