Sunday, January 10, 2010

Double Four and Think Spring

My focus project for this week is at the "sit and see" stage, and so I brought out those old lotto blocks that I am calling Double Four.

I now know why they were sitting in the UFO basket, unfinished. They are NOT one size. They are several different sizes. I know we all used the same pattern, but evidently, we did not all use the same seam size or the same ruler when we cut - or something. Ughh. This top is together, but it is not a nice quilt. I think it should be called mountains and valleys 'cause it's got them at each intersection of the blocks! The blocks are supposed to be 12 1/2 inches. Some are 12 1/2, and some are 12 1/4, or even 12. Oh well, this will be a quilt that I finish and put in the trunk for my daughter to use as a picnic quilt. Or one she can take when she goes camping. Whew. I'm glad to have that mess done!! LOL

I was still itching to sew, and I needed something I could be a bit more precise and happy with so I pulled out my "Little Quilts" book and started making another little quilt. I wasn't overly accurate, but these blocks went together MUCH better than the Double Four blocks.

I did rip out and re-sew a few seams. I've got all the pieces laid out and will probably get the quilt sewn together later tonight. I just needed a bit of fun.....I'm calling this one "Think Spring". It's very cold outside (for Texas people) and I'm looking forward to our regular winter temps which are more like most people's spring weather!

Now, I'm off to doing a bit of cleaning up in the sewing room and I'm going to dust a bit.....we are having friends over this week for coffee and while I'm not at all stressed about it, there are a few things I'd like to get done in preparation for that.

Happy Quilting and
may all your blocks be the correct size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jackie said...

I love the little quilt you're working on! I don't see anything wrong with the Double Four quilt. You covered it well. I love the idea of a picnic quilt!

The Tile Lady said...

What a shame the squares were not all the same size...that does happen a lot with group made projects, unfortunately. But, I love it's look anyway! Your little quilt is very sweet too.

*karendianne. said...

That's it - yes - a picnic quilt!

Stina said...

Ahhh.. Think Spring..that sounds fantastic and looks to be a little beauty..:o)