Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quilt Guild - Tom Russell guest speaker

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Last night, I attended our local quilt guild meeting. I decided that I might enjoy meeting some people in the area who quilt and thought that maybe I could work up the nerve to go to the meeting alone.

As I walked out the door, I told my husband that I really hoped there were some nice people there. His answer was encouraging and so very true. He said, Aren't all quilters really nice people??? That put a smile on my face and bit more confidence in my step.

I signed in (it was a HUGE group) and searched for a seat. And, I ended up at the best table! I sat with a group of 7 or 8 of the nicest, friendliest people. We visited and discovered that over half the table lived near my mom's house at one point in their life. I felt like we were at a reunion!!! So very funny. We visited and laughed.

The special speaker for the night was Tom Russell. I didn't really recognize his name, but once he started showing his quilts, I recognized him. Here is a brief biography. He shared his Quilting Journey with us, how he got started, his progression through learning and he showed his quilts.

Here is one of the quilts he brought with him. Here is the pattern that he designed for HGTV. I remembered watching an episode on Simply Quilts several years ago where Alex Anderson issued a "Scrap Bag Challenge" and I really liked what one man had done with his scrap bag. And, guess who that was?? Yes, Tom Russell. Here is a link to his quilt. I saw it in person last night and it was wonderful!

I didn't realize it when I picked the table to sit at last night, that I had chosen the seat in the room closest to the speaker! How embarrassing. And, apparently, I was the only blogger there, because I was the only one snapping pics!!!! And, I was sitting so close that I really didn't get any great pics. He stood in front of the tables most of the time and was usually 3 feet away from me with his quilts. Hard to get good pics when you're that close!!

But, here is a pic of him showing how he saves every tiny piece of fabric and makes "new fabric" which he uses for applique. (That is what he did with his challenge quilt.) He was very funny and so expressive when he spoke.

He told the story of taking an applique class and adding LOTS and LOTS of yo-yo's and additional applique. Here is the pic of his Sunbonnet Sue and Sam quilt. Very cute!!

Overall, I had a very nice time, and was even invited to a bee on Monday. I don't know if I'll be able to go, but it was so very sweet of them to ask.

And, as a side note.....I did get another Spider Web block made!!

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!


Carol said...

I can really appreciate your comments on Tom Russell's lecture last evening. I was there myself and was thoroughly impressed with his compositions. I have been very busy this past year with the passing of my mother and taking care of things for my elderly father. I have not accomplished very much by way of quilting. I went to the meeting last night looking to get inspired towards a new project and that was certainly accomplished. I enjoyed reading about your experience and just wanted to make a comment. Your spider web quilt is certainly appealling as well. What a great start for the New Year. Happy New Year. Take care.


Karen said...

I think you made a very good step in attending the quilt guild meeting. When I moved to a new area of the country, the first thing I did was to search out a quilt guild. In fact, I made contact by e-mail ahead of time. I had an immediate group of friends after attendance at a meeting or two.

WhiteStone said...

You must have an active Q guild if they have speakers! Our guild has pretty much disintegrated. Of course, ours is a small community. Enjoyed the review of the meeting and the featured speaker!

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing the guild meeting with us. I had forgotten about combining small pieces to make my own fabric. I have a bunch of pieces from an online BOM that I just can't seem to get rid of.(I like them too much) Putting them together as a piece of my-made fabric is an intriging idea.

Diane said...

How fun that you got to go to a guild meeting! I am glad you had a good time. Forrest was right, most quilters are very nice.
I like your spider web bloacks better than mine. I made mine years ago out of 30's prints. I like it, but I am not eager to pull them out and make the top. Maybe I will as soon as I finish the UFO I am working on now.

Karen said...

Glad you had a chance to go and meet some nice people. And to hear a nationally known quilter as speaker-icing on the cake! You're doing a great job on the spider webs!

Material Mary said...

I remember seeing that scrap bag challenge on Simply Quilts and I was very drawn to his work. I am excited you got to meet him in person. His quilts are beautiful.

julieQ said...

I love your links, thank you for taking the time for that. And your spider web is so wonderful!! I am really enjoying watching it grow.

Jackie said...

I'm not surprised at all that you were so well received! Your DH deserves an extra hug for reminding you that quilters are nice people! He spoke up at just the perfect time.