Saturday, January 9, 2010

Great Advice

Thank you all so much for your wonderful advice on what I should do with the Easy Spider Web blocks. I think the best thing at this point is to set them aside for a week and see what happens. I'm thinking I just need a bit of a break. Maybe I will make 10 more blocks, maybe I won't, but the blocks and fabric will be there in one week, right?? I'll make my decision then.

This morning as I was putting away the blocks, I decided that I needed something to work on, and so I went to my UFO basket and saw these blocks sticking up. Hmmm....I wonder how many I have?? I had 26 blocks already sewn....and I was just four blocks short of a nice sized top!! (They are 12 inch blocks, so with this arrangement the quilt would be 60x72.) Imagine that. So, I pulled out some strips and found coordinating fabric and cut some squares. I got all four blocks sewn up and laid the quilt out on my design floor!!!

I won all but about seven of these blocks in a block lotto about 2 years ago. I really like these blocks because they are so random. The ladies used whatever fabrics whether they were matchy-matchy or not. I think this weekend, I'll work on them and see if I can get this top together. It's kind of nice picking up a project that is almost complete. About time to get them into a top!

Happy Quilting!!!!!


Laurie said...

I've wanted to do this; I've even cut some strips...ala bonnie Hunt, but it would be really great to get a jump start like you did.

Jackie said...

What a nice way to start the New Year - almost finished UFO! I love what you've done with it.

Material Mary said...

Love that project. I'll be excited to see it come together.

MARCIE said...

Very pretty! Isn't is great to pull out a project and realize how quickly you could finish it? Very nice!

The Tile Lady said...

This is a great scrappy quilt top! How nice that you have enough squares! It's gonna make a good one!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Love this scrappy quilt too! Boy you have been busy - and I'm loving all of it!