Saturday, November 17, 2007

String Pieced Tutorial

I didn't get much sewing done today. It's Saturday and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Too many things to do today. Like laundry, straightening the garage (where my overflow pantry is), dishes, and of course, a nap!

I did get a String Pieced Tutorial posted in my Picassa Album. (View it as a slide show if you'd like.) So, if you've never learned how to string piece, here's your chance. Take a few minutes reading through the tutorial before you start.....and then hang on to your block when it's finished. I'll have an opportunity posted soon on a way to donate it to a great charity!


Hannah B. said...

What? No sewing? Thanksgiving should be NO excuse! Hey, if I lived closer, I would bring a quilt and coffee over~how fun would that be? :)

Ronda said...

I love your blog! Makes me realize how much I miss our quilting times together :-( BTW, the string-pieced tutorial is great! Thanks for still being my teacher; I appreciate you so much.