Sunday, November 18, 2007

Off Centered Log Cabin Blocks

Do you think that there is a chance I'm ADD? I like to change from project to project and sometimes, even though I have 4 projects going, I'll read a magazine article or see something on the internet and just HAVE to make a block. It's awful the way I flit from thing to thing....just like a little honey bee.

Today was another slow quilting least for me. It's Sunday, and since we can't go to church any more, I feel a little guilty sewing....just a little! I should have cut the larger pieces for Jonathan's graduation quilt, but I just didn't want to. Besides, I have to drag out three Rubbermaid boxes of fabric and dig through them and all the big mess of cutting 4 1/2 inch strips and then cutting 2 1/2 in strips....nope, not today. I think I'll save that for another UFO Day at church....(any takers ladies????).

Instead, I decided to sew a few of my Off Centered Log Cabin Blocks and lay them out, just to admire them. This means I have to drag out my 1 1/2 inch strip bucket and the 2 inch strips instead! Anyway, I sat the strip bins on my Dear Daughter's bench (made by Dear Son several years ago), and made a mess on the floor, which is still there as I type! They are turning out so nicely.

In case anyone wants to know, I am making this top JUST BECAUSE. I really don't feel like I need a reason to dig through strips and scraps and make something beautiful. I do it just because I like to. And I just enjoy being creative. That's reason enough, isn't it? Plus, I know someday these four children of mine will marry and want quilts and then they will have children and they will want quilts, so, I'm amassing a stock pile from which all these wonderful people can choose their very own quilt. (No picking now children....wait until you marry!)

This is another scrap and stash quilt!


Helen in the UK said...

Great start on your log cabin.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful comments on my preemie quilts.
Have enjoyed visiting your blog and will check back soon :)

Coo Coo said...

Okay, so your neicephew went crazy as I was reading this one. I think it's to say, "Pawby, where's mine?!?!?" :-)

That or you scared the baby with the bee!

I like how you said you felt uneasy about quilting on Sunday, but not blogging is fine?! You silly backslider!

Love you!