Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to say that this year is going to be the best Thanksgiving we've enjoyed as a family in quite a while! There are just a few family members missing this year, but most of us are home. There are very few families who can say, "We truly love and enjoy each other's company." Each one is a special blessing....

1. my husband, the resident preacher, who is an example to all of us of patience and endurance....running the race daily, and planting himself deeper and deeper within my heart, a man I dearly love and respect more than words can say.....

2. my brother who cares for us - takes care of us, even the day before Thanksgiving (fixing some light fixtures and the dishwasher without a complaint)

3. my sister who has become a wonderful friend, wife and mother to be, who will never change who she is for anyone, but has grown so much, we barely recognize her!

4. my mother who serves the family selflessly, day after day, a woman who gives the best hugs and doesn't mind fixing each family member their own favorite dish!

5. my sister in law who cracks us up and accepts us as a part of her family (quirks and all), and even puts up with my brother....the only one who could handle the job

6. my brother in law who is quiet, takes such good care of my sister and is the father to be of our newest family memeber!, and even though he thinks we're too loud, hangs out with us and is our resident go to man....

7. my children who are adults that I am proud to call my friends, who make their mother smile at their individuality as well as their similarities....each one different, but yet the same, who live their Christianity in serving others and loving their neighbors, and inherited their grandmother's work ethic! And one child who is still growing and changing, who is the sweetest little girl in the world.

8. my niece and nephews who were babies we held in our arms and have watched them grow into adults, children always (in our eyes) but yet great men and a great woman who loves family....and are single by the way! Call 1-800-FIND THEM A SPOUSE for more info. (right Alan???)

9. my mother in law who has taken such good care of the men in her life, leaving me a wonderful example to follow as I care for her son!

These are the wonderful people that I call family and friends. So, to you I say, I am thankful for each of you and the place you have in my heart. May the Lord bless us with another year together and may He continue to draw us closer to each other (and here's a prayer that our family grows by leaps and bounds!!!!).

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