Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Pictures???

A blog without pictures is like a day without.....chocolate? I don't know exactly, but I am excited to report that I will be posting pictures in the near future. We have only one digital camera in this house, and it doesn't belong to me! The person who owns this digital camera is gone a lot, and we have battery issues too (rechargeable batteries have to be replaced at some point). So, about a week ago, my dear hubby offered to buy me a digital camera as an early Christmas present and I have ordered it. It should be here soon! I'm too excited!

On the quilting front....I finished the scrappy table topper I was working on. About a year ago (???) my dear sister met me and Mom at the Quilt Shop where she discovered a pattern for a full sized quilt that she really loved. Here is the link to a picture of it.

Anyway, when I finally got the pattern and started looking it over, I really wasn't sure that I could do it. So, I pulled out some scraps and started paper piecing. I took me a bit to figure the pattern out, but once I did, I almost couldn't stop and ended up making about 20 blocks. They were fun and not difficult at all. Well, I didn't want to leave those poor blocks languishing in a drawer, and that is how the table topper came into existence. Once it became a topper, I stored it and let it stew.

I had decided recently to pull out some UFO's (unfinished objects) and finish what I started, and the Everlasting Wreath table topper was first on my list. It turned out so nicely and now has a home on the coffee table. Fits it perfectly.

On to the next UFO.....I just haven't decided which one.

"Granny's Strings" is a work in progress. I have started machine piecing finally, but I still hand quilt everything. (The reason I am a topper mostly, hand quilting takes some time.) I have about 6 blocks left to quilt, and they are 16 inch blocks, so this may take a while. Then I'll move on to the borders and binding.

"Cathedral Stars" is moving along too. I have all the rows pieced and half of the top put together. We had company last Sunday and I picked the quilt up off the floor and put it on a hanger. At some point, probably after Thanksgiving, I'll put the top together and get the borders on. I really like the way it's turning out. It is Bonnie Hunter's pattern, but my fabric choices were different. So it's my version of Cathedral Stars. When it's finished, I'll have to rename it. Here is the link to Bonnie's Quilt.

"Dear Sister's Baby Quilt" is stuck right now. I haven't been to the Quilt Shop in a while, and I need a solid baby blue (30's) fabric to finish the top. The baby quilt parts are all there, and I'm sure I'll get to the Quilt a matter of fact, Dear Sister in Law will be in town next week and we may have to make a run to Painted Pony N Quilts. I'm sure we can talk Dear Sister and Dear Mother into going with us! Hmmmm, I may have to put a bug in someone's ear!

"Off Centered Log Cabin Blocks" is a sit by the sewing machine and add another log when you can project. I found the pattern on a link from AboutQuilting forum last year and dreamed of making one myself. It's paper pieced, so easy and accurate. I'd like to do one block a day....not difficult and takes just a few minutes. I have 14 blocks sewn and another ??? to go. I really need to sit down and think this top out, don't I?

And that is the list of current projects I am working on. Yes, I have several at one time, but I get bored easily. I like to switch back and forth frequently....and make a few stitches here and there. The best way to get something done is to take five minutes here and ten minutes there, and before you know it, you've got another top done. get them quilted. Oh well.....everything good takes time.

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