Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby Quilt and Tree Topper

Several years ago, I purchased a yard of some Dick and Jane fabric at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I just fell in love with it, but why in the world did I buy just one yard? I don't understand why I do that time after time! Anyway, recently while rummaging through some fabrics I rediscovered it. And then the inspiration hit. Especially when my Dear Sister loved it and a yard cut of another piece of fabric. I've been holding on to it, trying to decide what I could do with it.

My Dear Sister is expecting in a few short months and the new baby inspired an idea. I am feeling the urge to make the child everything imaginable. I mean, don't all babies need 4 or 5 quilts? I find something that inspires me and I just have to make it "for the baby". So, I pulled out the two pieces of fabric (and a few more) and started sewing yesterday afternoon. By bedtime, and yes, we go to sleep very late around here, I had the little quilt finished (36 x 42 inches approx.)....binding and all. And since this is for the baby, I can't show you all of it, but here's a sneak peek. (I know that Dear Sister reads my blog, and I want it to be a surprise.) Don't you just love this fabric???

Today, after piddling around the house and getting everything settled, I pulled out some stash fabrics and began cutting out the Trees on the Table Topper from Patchalot Patterns. It's a free pattern and I've admired all the little quilts posted on blogs recently! I started sewing, thinking I would sew on it a few days, but it was so simple to put together and I was enjoying seeing it take shape, I just couldn't stop. I got the top finished in record time. So, here is my version of Trees on the Table. Thank you Marcie for sharing your pattern with us!


Hannah B. said...

Oh popular one...are you going to send me that tree quilt? Remember I love you. And that you are my most favorite Mrs. Wy in the whole wide world! ~me :)

Eileen said...

Hi, Thank you for the comment on my blog. Now I see how you found me. From Marcie's and the Tree Topper. Mine took a little longer because of all those HST I used for the candy cane border.

I wanted to comment about the dick and Jane fabric. I've had some of that. I have collected feed sacks over the years and then joined a 30's group and with that had some of that cute fabric. Makes an adorable childs quilt. Super for your DS's new baby.

You are so right about having the internet for outside company while caregiving. I get out for a few hours but that is all. Since my children and grandchildren are not close we see them only on holiday's unless DD gets up for an overnight once in awhile.

Your scrap quilt you just finshed looks great. good for using up scraps. You sound fairly young to be caregiving. To bad how these things turn out.

Good luck

Hannah B. said...

I really love you...truly.

Helen in the UK said...

LOVE that little tree quilt - so cute :)

Diane said...

You amaze me! I love the trees!
I have been getting ready for my retreat this weekend. I will have some pictures posted soon, I hope.