Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting Ready for Baby

Today has been another productive day. Actually, the past two days have been rather productive. I am getting ready for the new baby! With Dear Sister's blood pressure issues, we aren't sure if the baby will make it to his/her due date, and so the pressure is on (pun intended)! I've been trying to get things done and so has Grandma.

Grandma's baby quilt is halfway quilted. Pretty soon we'll be cutting some lovely striped fabric on the bias and finishing up her quilt.

Yesterday, I worked feverishly on some burp cloths. I found a great tutorial on a blog called A Chelsea Morning. The instructions are really clear and it's an easy, if a bit time consuming, little project. Six are completed, although Dear Sister and I picked out enough fabric and ribbon to make seven. I tired out and decided I would rummage through my stash and find more sweet fabrics to make the other five and do them all together. I just need to pick fabrics out and purchase ribbon to finish the other five. That will be another fun project for another day!

I also got the binding on this quilt which will be sent along to a young couple expecting their first baby any day now. The young lady's mother and I are quilting friends and when I first started working on this quilt, Dear Hubby said it needed to go to this couple. I sure hope they have a girl! It's on the pink side, wouldn't you say? If they have a boy, I suppose they can put it away for another day!

Last night, the quartet that two of my children belong to, came by and practiced. They will be singing at a church next Sunday morning. It was wonderful working in the sewing room while listening to them sing. I was able to get all six of my mother-in-law's placemats made. Next month, I'll start quilting them. I have got to purchase a walking foot for my machine. I know, I don't have one, because I've never machine quilted anything. I always hand quilt (thus all the tops and not quilts that I own). VBS......... I will machine quilt Dear Mother-in-law's placemats because she actually uses them and washes them frequently. I am going to cut this green fabric on the bias for the binding. Lovely fabrics that MIL picked out, aren't they? So cheery! They are Serendipity Sunflowers by RJR.

This morning Dear Mother and I got my two baby quilts basted. They are going to be wonderful. I love making baby quilts, and that is one of the reasons why this little one is getting so many (and the fact that we are so excited to have another baby in the family). I can never choose just one pattern, there are too many ideas running around in my head, so I made three! Not too bad, really. Quilts get dirty, you know.

I also cleaned out the sewing room. Not only was the table completely covered, but the ironing board was too. It was a total mess. Thread all over the floor, bits of fabric scraps. I folded the Country Stars quilt and the Star Over Texas quilt and tucked them onto the shelf with the other tops in my closet. Oh, the closet of dreams. I dream that some day those tops will grow up to be wonderful quilts!

Dear Older Daughter came home today from Walmart with fabric and ribbon so that I could "help" her recover her picture board. I REFUSED to help her as long as I had to use that retarded manual staple gun. I can barely pull that thing and then half the staple is bent and sticking up and you have to hammer it in and you know it's not going to stay! So, she and my younger son ran down to Lowe's and picked up an electric staple gun! Let me tell you ladies, get one! This one will even shoot those little brad nails! I am so excited! Anyway, the picture board is done and it looks lovely.

And, now, Dear Readers, I am about to fall out of my chair! I am tired. Chicken Spaghetti is eaten, dishes washed, Agatha Christie movie watched and clean sheets on the bed. I hear my pillow calling! So, goodnight Dear Friends.....sigh.......yawn.


Julia said...

Paula, You needed to go to bed, you had a very busy day!! The burp cloths are so cute. I will tuck the info away and use it for future baby gifts to go with the quilts I make for them. I hope all goes well with the birth. Can you show us a picture of the staple gun? Mine is old and doesn't work real well.

Diane said...

I don't think this baby will ever get chilled! LOL The burp cloths are cute. I was going to make her a couple of a different design but I don't see the need now. I think I will make something for Daddy! LOL

Libby said...

*sigh* I have long wished for an electric staple gun . . . maybe I should just take your advise and not work any further on a project unless one is purchased *s*