Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby Strings!

Baby Strings is now a completed quilt! Yipee! It feels so good to have that one baby quilt done. It's all quilted, has the binding on and has even been washed. I don't prewash my fabrics and I used Quilter's Dream Cotton batting - it puckered wonderfully. I love that antique look in a quilt! And it's new, even better. I am hoping this quilt gets run through the mill and that my sweet niece or nephew enjoys making messes on it!

I have started quilting the borders of my Granny's Strings quilt too. I am just going to do some straight quilting around the edge of the first border and then I'll decide what to do with the last border. It feels good to be marking things off my list.

Next, I'll be working on getting the last of the baby quilts, Heart to Heart, done. This one's going to be a bit tricky. I've almost worked out how I want to quilt it and even did one block to see if I liked it. I may have to modify the quilt design a bit, but I'm still mulling that idea over.

I cut the binding for Mom's baby quilt this morning and she got it all sewn by machine and then hand stitched onto the back. It looks so sweet. Just a few more spots to quilt around the outside edge (we decided to wait until the binding was on) and she'll be giving the quilt to the baby (or at least the baby's mama and daddy).

Today for lunch I made a pot of veggie chowder and yum, it was so good! Grandma made a pan of cornbread and we warmed up right away. Wish the entire family could have been here to share in the meal with us!

And here's a picture of a little booklet that I picked up at Half Price Books a while back for $0.98. It's got some really cute little pillows that I'd like to make for friends....someday!!! LOL

Now, we're off to bed, resting up for another day of quilting!

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