Monday, June 13, 2011

Simple Things Quilt Along....

Here are my fabric choices for the Simple Things Quilt Along. I chose to use my Christmas fabrics! I had about 40 different "darks and mediums" and probably 10 different "lights". This pic is of the "darks and mediums".

The lights (not shown) won't work for the quilt top, but I'm planning on using them for the back. They are really cute little prints, but they are busy, and because the darks/mediums are so busy, I needed a calmer light print for the background.

I'm not much into solid white or cream, so I chose this off white with a light red print (bought special for this quilt) for the background. I think it's going to be cute. And, I pulled this red from my stash, and am thinking of using it for the inner border.

I have a couple of fabrics that might work for the outer border, but I like to keep my options open and decide once the top is made. I'm certainly not cutting any borders until the top is complete, that way I can audition fabrics.

I've had most of these fabrics for a L O N G time. I bought them and then, because they were so different and didn't seem to work together, I never used them. Now that I'm all about scrap quilts and I understand value and such so much better, I can finally use them. I think this is going to be a cute quilt. :)

Visit Carol's blog, Brown Quilts, to see a picture of the quilt we will making! You may have to scroll through some postings to find the quilt. :)

The quilt is all cut out and I'm just waiting for the first block pattern to be released. If you haven't joined yet, there is still time. Cutting the fabric didn't take too long. Maybe you have some Christmas fabrics in your stash that you can use.

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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