Monday, June 6, 2011

Borders done!

I'm really happy with this quilt!

Special thanks to my Dear Sister-in-law,
Diane, at Dyed Quilting!!!!! She is the one who helped me take the original pattern found in the book Amazingly Simple Star Quilts, and make the quilt a bit larger. I'm more into twin or full sized quilts for cuddling with. :)

Now that I've finished piecing this quilt, I think I'll move on to piecing those nine patches I started playing with a few weeks ago. I have almost 50 made already. I pulled more strips from my Scrap User's System, and have them ready to piece together.

Any ideas for a setting?? I'm thinking of alternating with plain blocks, no borders. More like our grandmother's used to make. Kind of like a utility quilt??

And, I have to choose a quilt to start hand quilting.....I have these two choices up first.

Homespun Stars

or Spider Web

I have the backing already made for the Spider Web quilt, but I still have to remove some papers before I can start quilting. Ick. And, the Homespun Stars quilt doesn't have a backing ready, but I think I can do that pretty quickly.

Perhaps this afternoon I can piece the backing for the Homespun Stars quilt and maybe get it basted tomorrow??? Then I can work on removing papers from the Spider Web quilt in the evening while I watch television and have the it ready for quilting next.

Sounds like I've made a decision. :)

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Linda said...

Both of these turned out so well! Good job!

WhiteStone said...

Good decision. I'd begin on the stars first. I really, really like the homespun look.

Stray Stitches said...

Both quilts are beautiful! Congrats on completing two tops :)

Diane said...

I love the homespun stars! Ray and I are in Charleston SC. We spent a couple of hours at the Charleston Museum where they have an exhibit of Civil War textiles. I will post some pictures on my blog later this evening. They had a couple of quilts and tops that were great.
I like the idea of the 9patch and plain squares with no border. I have one on my "bucket list" that is 9patches and small red checked plain sqaures.

Friendship Crossing said...

Hi! I just found you thru blog hopping and am enjoying your quilts! I still love homespun too!

I am an avid cross stitcher but have recently gotten the quilting/sewing 'bug' again!

Please come over for a visit sometime and I hope you'll consider follwing me too!


suemac said...

I just finished up 22 string blocks for my Quiltsville exchange. I took off the paper as I went because I use a few dabs of glue to put the first piece of fabric on. I was all done with paper removal by the time I was done with the blocks. It worked for me but it would have been easier to do at the end. I would have voted to do the star quilt first. That is so nice and homey and cuddly.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

real nice quilt with the stars and fabric too!!

Lori said...

you've started something--I have been digging out my homespuns. I vote to quilt the stars.