Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

My friends and family are the sweetest. Sunday was my birthday and they were so kind. I received phone calls, e-mails, one e-card, Facebook messages and from my kiddos, roses and chocolate. Dear Older Son and his friend* came by with roses and chocolate. Then, later, Dear Older Daughter and Dear Younger Son came home with roses and chocolate! Wow! I told their dad that he trained them well!

Of course, we opened the chocolate to share.....had long chats, laughed and visited. It was wonderful having all the kids home yesterday!

I've been working away, as much as possible, on quilting one of my small quilts and sewing those Off Centered Log Cabins. I'm not finishing as quickly as I once did....but that's ok. It's the process I enjoy.

We go through different seasons of life. I had less free time when the children were small. Just too much to do. And, now, I'm adjusting to quilting in spurts. Sometimes 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there. But, I enjoy it too much to give it up entirely! I'll just keep plugging away.

*Now, for some exciting news. Dear Older Son has found the woman of his dreams! We've known her and her family for about 12 years and this past April, Dear Older Son let his intentions be made known. So, we are anticipating a wedding sometime next year. I would say within the first 6 months of the new year.

Dear Older Son has been interested in this young lady for about three years, but wouldn't take any steps to pursue her affections until he was ready to support a wife. Very wise young man. They are in love and enjoying this time of their lives. His dad and I are so happy for them both and so pleased with the woman he has chosen. She's a doll! They are both interested in ministry and I know the Lord is going to use them in a great way!

Thanks for listening to my personal ramblings. I'm loving my family and enjoying the moments. I've begun to see that life is changing, soon my kids will be gone and we'll be getting together at holidays. So, here is to family and cherishing the moments.

Description of pics: First pic is of Dear Older Son and his Bride to be. The second is Dear Older Daughter and Dear Younger Son....they are best buds! ! The other two pics are of all four of my kiddos, having a good time together!

Happy Life!!!


Conni said...

Happy Birthday! What beautiful blessings you have in your family!

Forrest said...

Paula...I love you so much! Happy Birthday. I am so grateful that God chose you to be my life partner.

Diane said...

Happy birthday to you!! I remembered yesterday, but forgot to call or email.:( I am glad to hear you had a great day! Love you!

Libby said...

Happy Birthday and Congrats to the happy couple *s*

Suzy said...

Happy birthday and what a lovely family! Congratulations on your son's upcoming nuptuals. I know I'm a tad premature, but they are going to make beautiful grandbabies for you. :o)

whitestone said...

What a blessing your children are to you! and Happy Birthday!!!

julieQ said...

Happiest birthday to you! It is so fun to see our children's lives blossom and them grow. Wonderful pictures, and I know you enjoy your family!

Sweet P said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Congrats to the new couple!

bingo~bonnie said...

what a beautiful fmaily you have - those kids are co cute and it looks like they are very close with one another - probably the best Birthday gift a mom could ever want hua? ;)

Happy Belated Birthday & Love from Texas! ~bonnie