Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's Cold Outside!

Ok, I know that cold is a relative term.....but here in Southeast Texas, this is a cold spell. It's 38 degrees outside and it's feeling like winter. We won't get snow and we haven't really seen any white stuff since 1978, but I'm feeling like we're in the middle of winter. The cold spell will probably only last a few days, but for just a moment, I can pretend that we may get snow!

These little snowmen, just like me,
are hoping for a nice cold winter!
Merry Christmas and
Happy Snow Days!


Angie said...

Cute, cute, cute! :)

Sweet P said...

Your snowmen are adorable.

Stewpot said...

Brrr! It is cold out this morning! It registers 27. Are your snowmen a wall hanging or a small quilt? They are joyful little snowmen! Are they appliqued?

Hannah B. said...

How cute! Good luck on the snow...let me know if you do get any..I might come to visit. :)

Helen in the UK said...

The snowmen are so cute! Love the scrappy blue backgrounds :)

Lucy said...

Oohh what a great quilt!! I LOVE snow too :-)