Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Forrest!

Today is my Dear Hubby's birthday! Yippee! If the truth be known, he's not much into celebrating birthdays, especially his own! Not that he's afraid of getting older, he loves that (and the fact that he's graying and looking so distinguished). He just doesn't think it's a big deal when you "just get a year older". But, it's all in the way you look at it.

Thoughts about my husband's birthday....

The day he was born, his mom and dad could not know how this one little baby boy would affect so many lives.

1. He became a little brother to a little boy who needed a playmate. A young man that even an older brother could look up to!

2. The son his dad loved and admired, and spoke of with such pride, his buttons were in danger of popping! The child he trained to be a man, to love sports, love life, and work hard. The child his mother loved and care for. The child she taught to care for the women in his life and to be responsible.

3. He was a grandson that Grandpas and Grandmas would brag about.

4. He was a friend that young men and women loved to be with and looked up to. These teens grew up and now, men and women in their late 40's, they have fond memories of when Forrest did "this" and "that" and all the great times they had together.

5. He was a high school quarterback, the freshman who defeated Humble by a score of 8-0 to remain undefeated! The fighting Panthers opened their 1977 season with a come from behind 13-7 victory. And the papers read, "Outstanding on offense were quarterbacks Ronnie (his best and dearest friend) and Forrest"! He was the Senior quarterback who took his team to the District Playoffs and WON! The high jumper who set the District record! The athlete who helped raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

6. He was the young man who learned of his need for Christ in college and when he accepted Christ, it changed his life.

7. He was the dynamic (and handsome) man I met and fell in love with. The man I had dreamed of all my life...the man I married 24 years ago.

8. He became the father of 8 children, four of which we will see in heaven someday, and four who are impacting the world around them.

9. He is the man who became a preacher, and led many to Christ. The man that has led many to love Jesus Christ.

10. He is the man that I will spend the rest of my days loving and admiring!

So, honey, when you think a birthday is no big deal, remember that the fact that you were born CHANGED THE WORLD!

I love you and I'm so proud to be called your wife. Happy Birthday!


Stewpot said...

Happy Birthday Forrest! You have been such an encourager to our family as you share what the Lord is showing you in His Word!

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing that I have ever read.
Happy Birthday to your honey!!!!!!

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday to your DH. He sounds like a keeper. God bless you both.

Lindah said...

What a lovely tribute to your husband! I love reading things like that. Happy Birthday to Forrest, and Happy Anniversary -whenever it is/was-- to both of you.

Marcie said...

Wow! He does sound wonderful! Lucky you! And lucky him for having a wife who loves him so much!

Lisa said...

He sounds like an awesome man. Aren't you lucky!