Monday, January 26, 2009

Zig Zagging Along

*Read to the end, I reveal a secret!*

This weekend, I spent some time working on my Zig Zag scrap quilt. I'm enjoying sewing these HSTs after all these years of being afraid of them! That feels pretty good.

I have pieces sewn to make 90 blocks, although only 80 are shown. I need to cut out 10 more and I'll have enough for a pretty big quilt. Let's see....100 blocks set 10x10... 6 inch finished blocks...will make a 60 inch square quilt. I don't know if I'm going to like that. I'm not sure how I feel about square quilts. How about you?? Once I get it together, I'll see what I think. I can always make more...ughh. But I want to be happy with it, right?

I used the fabrics from my 4 inch strip drawer. I like to cut triangles, sew them together, press and then trim. Now, some may think that is an incredible waste of time, but for me it's necessary. I just do not sew or cut consistently. I know it's a horrible admission. But it's true. So, to compensate for my inconsistency, I've decided to do this.

An interesting fact about my strip drawers is that I separated the fabrics by lights and darks. And, I have WAY more darks than lights. So, I decided that in order to have more lights, I would use the backs of some fabrics to make them look light instead of medium. Now, I have more lights!! LOL

Here is an example.

The green print reads as a medium, but the back side reads as a light. So, I used the wrong side of the fabric. Now, I know this is legal, because my sister in law reminds me that I paid for both sides of the fabric and I can use either side.

If you go back and look at the first picture, you'll see this portion of the block on the right bottom block. It's the top point of the zig zag. See, you didn't notice...because value is what matters in this quilt. I've done this in MANY of these blocks, just to get the right values. Once the top is completed, you won't even notice until you do a close inspection and even then, you won't be sure!

Happy Quilting and don't forget
to use both sides of the fabric!!!


Diane said...

I agree with you I am not a fan of square quilts most of the time. I have seen many patterns that I love but I never make them them because they are square and I can't figure a good way to make them rectangle.

Millie said...

Paula, I read to the end of your post. You would never know that you have used the back of some of your fabrics. Now you can see a light and a dark fabric after you used the back side of some of the fabrics. So smart of you!

Idaho Quilter said...

I agree about square quilts, unless they are intended to always be used as a wall hanging.
I love the scrappy quilts, currently trying to clear up some of my scraps. I like the idea of seperating the light and dark. I use the back almost as much as the front especially for lights.

Ann said...

I've used the back - but it wasn't planned - at least not the first time! Didn't even notice until I was quilting it - so left it!

I'm getting a lot of HST's - but need lots more until I can put a quilt together.

jovaliquilts said...

I've used the back of fabrics, too. I thought it would jump out a mile, but it didn't at all. You're right -- we pay for both sides!

Darlene said...

Sometimes the 'wrong' side of a piece of fabric is a better color than the 'right' side. I've done it a few times and enjoyed the results. I love this zig-zag quilt, Paula.