Friday, January 9, 2009

Certainly not complaining.....

but, we've had someone at our house everyday this week! Between visits and caregiving, I haven't had time to sew a stitch!!

Tuesday, my niece from Alabama stopped by on her way to California with her friend. It's probably been three years since I've seen her. She looked great and was sweet as always. My Dear Sister and her baby came to visit too. So it was a mini family reunion.

Wednesday, my Mother In Law came by for lunch and cut Dear Hubby's hair.

Thursday, our friends came by to visit. The husband is going to be staying with Dear Hubby once a week, so I can get out and run errands. We had to show him the ropes of transferring, making coffee, and adjusting Dear Hubby in bed. All the essentials were taught, and it seems as if Dale is a fast learner!

Today, another friend is coming by and bringing a playmate for Dear Younger Daughter. I'm looking forward to that visit.

Tomorrow, Dear Older Son and his fiance are coming over for dinner and visiting.

And, finally, Sunday, a small group of ladies from church are supposed to come by for an afternoon visit.

Let's just hope we can hang in there until Sunday!!! LOL


Millie Kriel said...

Dear Paula

Having someone coming over every day takes a lot of our energy. But just know we all enjoy reading your blog and this is where you can can just express yourself. We all felt like this before and it is not "complaining" at all.

I hope next week you will have time just for yourself and your sewing! Have fun on Sunday with the church girls.

WhiteStone said...

You are blessed with friends and family! What a busy, happy week!

kutiekare said...

It's nice to have company. I always enjoy them but sometime I need some "me" time. (yes, I'm selfish but I do need my sanity). It must be nice for your DH. Just remember it will pass all too soon. Treasure these moments while you can. Be sure to get a few moments to yourself.

Libby said...

You must be the hostess with the mostest *s* Enjoy your company . . . . time to stitch will come before you know it.

*karendianne. said...

I'm totally psyched that Dale is a fast learner and you'll get some time out. This has to be a big step for DH, too.

Does your errand day include a quick trip to the Quilt Shop? :>

Diane said...

You must be tuckered out. Too bad it couldn't be spread out a bit huh?

Rosie said...

You have my absolute sympathy and prayers for your dental visit. I too have a super fear of dentist due to a "trauma" at age 12! Keep up the cheery attitude and squeeze your son's hand hard! Rosie P.S. Love your quilt pictures.