Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Into Fall Give Away

This Fall Into Fall Give Away is now closed.....
please scroll down to see the winner's name!!!

I've joined a group of quilters who are having a "Fall Into Fall Give Away"! Here is my giveaway prize.....

I will be giving away a tiny quilt (7 1/2 x 12 inches)and a half pound of my favorite coffee. I've added these rust colored FQ's too. Perfect for fall, don't you think??? I've also added these Starbucks Truffles and some Milano Cookies, perfect with a cup of Gevalia coffee.

All you have to do is leave a comment to this post telling me what you love about fall and you'll be entered in the drawing. Any comments that do not include this requirement will not be counted in the drawing.

If you do not have a blog, please be sure that I can contact you by e-mail. If I cannot contact you, another name will be chosen.

I will draw a winner on October 15th
......so hurry and comment, get your name in the hat!!!

Please click on the scarecrow found in this post to find a list of the other quilters who are participating.

Happy Quilting and Good Luck!!!!


The Fifteenth is here and so without further ado........
the winner of A Latte Quilts Fall Into Fall Give Away 2008 is........

Drum Roll Please............

Fellow Texan, and Fellow Quilter.......

Here is her comment.....

Blogger kjquilts said...

Fall is my favorite time of year. When the weather turns cooler I get out my sweaters and socks, bundle up under a quilt (that I am handquilting) and eat some candy corn!

October 9, 2008 8:52 PM

So, KJQuilts, please contact me with your snail mail addy and I'll get your prizes to you ASAP!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Announcement and Busy Hands

Here is the formal announcement: My son has proposed and his girl has accepted! They are engaged!!! Yippee!!!

A pic of the lovely couple a few days after the engagement.... They are two wonderful people and I can't wait to see where the Lord takes them on the journey together.
Congrats Josh and Kristin!

I've been trying to keep my hands busy (in my fabric that is), but life sometimes gets in the way!!

Here are a couple of things I've been working on.

I got the top of my Reproduction Four Patch done. Added a red border. Now, I just have to decide which blue fabric to pull from stash for the outer border.

Someone asked me who I was making that quilt for....well, I really like it and don't want to give it away. I love reproduction fabrics, ya know. But, I don't need another table quilt or wall hanging. So, I decided, it's going in my "Grandma's Hope Chest". This hope chest is not intended to pressure my kids into having children before they are ready. But, my first three kiddos were born in 3 1/2 years. So, when the grandchildren start coming in.....I have a feeling there will be one after the other! So, I'm adding cute baby quilts to my stash of "Grandma's Hope Chest". PS.....don't tell my kids! They would be mortified!!! LOL

I purchased some charm squares from the Shangi-la collection a while back and had also purchased some yardage of the reds in the collection. I've been thinking about what to do with them and here is what I decided on. I found this quilt on QuiltTownUSA quite a while back and fell in love with it's simplicity. It's called Child's Play.

Here are a few of the nine patches I've been working on. And, the fabric I chose for the alternate squares. White...to more saturated reds.

I still have that secret project that I'm working on, but it's a long term one.....and it's secret, so no pics! Just a little tease.

An update on Hurricane Ike. Dear MIL is still without power today. She's been a real trooper though! No complaining. She did come over and bathe, wash clothes and have a hot meal. She would be here with us the entire time, but her pooches need her and we aren't really set up for doggy duty! Fortunately, she's just about 20 minutes from us, so she can come for a visit any time! She'll be here for dinner Saturday..... I looked online and they aren't expecting her power restored until Sunday. It's been moved a couple of times though, so she's not expecting it. Tomorrow will be two weeks for her! Poor dear.

I'm off to sew a bit and to count my blessings. I'm SOOOO grateful to have power and most especially AC. Mosquitoes are so bad right now, no one wants to open doors and windows!

Happy Quilting and remember, Count Your Blessings!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally Home!!! Hooray!!!

We are finally home! We heard from a neighbor on Thursday evening that our power was back on. We were visiting with our Former Youth Pastor (from when we were youth 26 years ago!!!) and decided to stay one night and visit with them some the next morning, before heading home.

We arrived home around 6:00 p.m. Friday night. Everything is a mess around here. Only two grocery stores are open and there isn't much in the way of street lights and traffic lights. Half of the neighborhood is still dark and powerless.....I feel so badly for them. But, we hear that the other half should have power by Tuesday.

We did have a great time, even though it was a bit stressful. Caring for someone who is disabled can be a challenge at home....even a bit more on the road. Dear Hubby did well though. He was starting to get tired, but no complaints. Thanks Honey for being patient with us!!!

But, one thing I have decided. Dear Hubby had better get his traveling pants on! We are going to take the kids (three of which are adults) to our favorite vacation spot before Dear Older Son marries! It's just something we NEED to do. And, now, we know that Dear Dad and Hubby can do it. It's hard, but the cabins in Arkansas that we normally rent have handicap accessible cabins too. So, kids, make plans to travel to Arkansas!

Here is a pic of the house where we stayed, just east of Dallas.

It's on 10 acres and they have two bulls. The bulls are still young and they let Dear Younger Daughter feed them! She loved it.Our friends were so kind. I haven't talked to them in months and months and I call out of the blue and ask, "Can I bring six people to stay at your house?" They were kind to let us. They shared everything they had and even let us control the thermostat. Wasn't that kind? With Dear Hubby not able to handle heat, it was wonderful to be able to keep him cool!

Thursday evening, Dear Older Daughter and I were able to attend a concert by the Singing Men of Texas. Our friend was singing and playing the french horn. It was WONDERFUL! So nice to hear live music. It was very moving. All those male voices singing in praise to their Maker.

All in all, it was tiring, but such fun. I hope we never have to evacuate again, but it's wonderful to know that we have dear friends who will let us stay with them....people who love us.

While I did take some hand quilting projects with me, I really didn't have time to work on anything. I was busy most of the time and when I wasn't I was TIRED!! LOL

But, we're home now, and I'm praying that things will get back to normal soon. I sure did miss my little house! BTW, the house is in perfect shape. Just some limbs down and that's it! We were certainly blessed!

Looks like someone needs to do some grocery shopping!!!

Happy Quilting Everyone......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still Vacationing....

Hello Blogging Friends.....we're still in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We stayed with some friends for about 4 days and are now at our former Youth Pastor's home. Pretty interesting. He's still taking care of us after 25 years! LOL

We just arrived today, and Dear Older Daughter and I are going to a concert tonight to hear him sing with the Texas Singing Men. I'm looking forward to it. This will be a treat from all the Evacuation Vacation....

We still do not have power. As a matter of fact, 74% of our zip code does not. Can you believe the devastation in Galveston??? So glad we never thought to move that close to the Gulf.

Happy Quilting....and maybe someday soon, I'll get back to my quilting.

Tootles for now.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still in Ft. Worth

We are still here at the hotel. We are staying here until Monday morning. It's rather expensive to stay at hotels. After Monday we will be going to friends' for a while. We aren't sure where....exactly. But, we've had several different families offer to host our family. We only want to do this short term because we'd like to retain our friendships. I mean think about it. Could you host a family of 6-8 for three weeks and still like them???

Our hopes are to stay somewhere north of Houston for a few more days and then move closer and closer. We have one family about 45 minutes from our home who has offered to let us come as soon as they get power. We'll see how soon that is.

From what we hear, it could take 3 weeks for everyone in the Houston area to have power restored. There is no way Dear Hubby and I can go home without power.....so, pray that we have friends who will let us crash at their home. We have quite a crew, ya know??? LOL

An update on our home:

It's safe and sound. No storm surge. Maybe some water came in through the window sills from the horizontal rain. We have limbs down, but nothing on the house. The next door neighbor stayed through the storm, but said at 2:00 a.m., he was wishing he had evacuated. It was frightening for him and his family.

My sister does not have news of her home in Seabrook. They do know that it was bad there. Just no information on her home at this time.

Mother, Older Daughter and Younger Son will be returning tomorrow morning to retrieve a few items and to clean out the freezer and fridge for our return. We left in such a hurry, we didn't take time to clean things out. We lost power around 12:30 am Friday night.

Thanks for your kind words everyone. Looking forward to getting back home and getting things back to normal......Happy Quilting Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just wanted to let everyone know that we have evacuated. We are running from Ike. Actually, we are in the mandatory evacuation area for Harris County, and yesterday afternoon, we made the decision to leave (thanks for the tip Neal and Melinda!!!!) We are in a storm surge area...of course, my sister and her new baby are even closer to the Gulf area than we are. So we're off!

I've led my people of out the danger zone!! I feel like Moses!! LOL Grandma, disabled hubby, two adult children, a 12 year old, my sister and her baby. One grandma chose to stay in town with the dogs. But, she is going to her church. Dear Hubby can't be in the heat, so there was no way we could stay regardless.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. I'm so glad that you understand me!!! And, don't worry, I did bring my hand piecing and quilting stuff, so I'm going to be ok!! LOL We packed some air mattresses and such, so I did grab a couple of my quilts to take with us....hey, might as well save a couple! Of course, I'm not thinking about what I've left behind.....

Please pray for my hubby, changes are difficult for him. Thanks Bloggy Friends!!!

Happy Quilting and Evacuating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inside the mind of a quilter......

Ok, beware. I am admitting how I operate here. This is how things fly in this quilter's sewing room. This is an admission, but please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I've been working on hand piecing these blocks.

Lovely Double Four Patch Blocks....for Dear Younger Son's graduation (he's 19, almost 20, but who cares if it's a bit late).

So, I get to the end of container of precut fabric and there are just little pieces left. So, I recount the blocks and yes, I am one short. Ughh.

No problem....really....I'll just dig through the cabinet and pull out the containers of reproduction fabrics. I just need one more piece of CW fabric I haven't used yet. (All the blocks main fabrics are different....yeah 100 different CW fabrics, I didn't know I had that many).

I find a piece of black fabric I like and cut it out. Then, I spy all the leftover little 1 1/2 inch squares....hmmmm. It's a shame to have them wasting away. What can I make?

So I begin sewing little four patches. And, I'm liking the way they are looking. They finish at 2 inches. Then, I think, I need some blues to go with them. So I start cutting out blue CW fabrics.

And I begin lining them up with the four patches. Too cute!

I love it.

Then, I realize that if I sew these chains of four patches and squares together and clip between each seam, I'll be at this for ever. So, I look and see there are still some 1 1/2 in. squares in the little container, and I start using them as leaders and enders....per Bonnie's instructions!

I made little four patches from all the leftover dark fabrics. Then, I needed more leaders and enders, so I cut some cream CW fabric...and alternated them with those four patches. Meantime, I am sewing two quilts at the same time. The Four Patch Furrows and the Little Four Patch Quilt.

Now, I wasn't planning on making either of these quilts.....all I was doing was looking for one piece of fabric to make one last Double Four Patch block - so I could start piecing Dear Younger Son's Long Overdue Graduation Quilt!!!!

I need some Tylenol!!! Happy Quilting!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The proud moment

Here is the pic of the completed Log Cabin quilt! Ta-da.......

And, a close up of the border fabrics I found at my LQS.....one was a clearance fabric (gotta love that) and the other, well full price is something you have to do every once in a while.

To the new blogger LuAnn who commented: the pattern for the Off Centered Log Cabin quilt is a free pattern I found online. Here is the post where I gave all the info. There is even a link to the pattern there and a link to Marcia's online tutorial for paper piecing.

And, here are two pics of quilts I have hanging in my room now. I'm so glad to be surrounded by quilts. Love them!!!!

Happy Quilting!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just had to share....

No pics tonight, but wanted to tell you that I did it!!! My Off Centered Log Cabin quilt top is DONE!!! I put the last border on today. Now, I can put it away with all my other tops! LOL....I'll quilt it someday soon.....

I also completed my Found Quilt #1.....and just finished the quilting on Found Quilt #2. Just the binding left. Yea, they're both small quilts, but I'm feeling pretty good about it!

Tomorrow, I'll try to get some pics of my progress.

Edited to add some pics!!!!! Here are two....

Found Quilt #1 Done:

Found Quilt #2 just needs the binding and washing!!

I also have a super secret project that I received in the mail this week. This project is going to take up quite a bit of my time. But, I'll show you pics just as soon as I can.

So, until tomorrow, Dear Quilty Friends.......

Happy Quilting!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Surprise! A friend of my kiddos came over tonight. Actually, I've adopted Tim, but we aren't telling his parents!!! We ordered pizza and played a game of Scrabble. I thought this was funny......

Who plays a 7 letter word that earns you 9 points? Well, I do. I couldn't let such an excellent word pass by unused, regardless of the points. I love words.....points are a bonus! LOL

Then, my adult children began to act a bit, um, crazy, and I left the room....right after I took these pics! So glad that we could spend time together....and that they still want to spend time with me. They are the best.

And, here is another finish, although I might be cheating to call it a finish....since I'm not the one who finished it!!!!! This is the top I made, just for fun, before I knew my sister would be having the most adorable baby girl. So, I told mom if she would quilt it, we could give it to Dear Niece (aka Dear Grandbaby) together. So, here is the top made by Aunty and hand quilted by Grandma.

Now, off to sleep and we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Happy Quilting!!!

Great weekend....

It's been a great weekend because we didn't have to evacuate! While we are praying for those who are affected by Hurricane Gustav, we are so grateful that we were able to stay home this time around. It looks as if the Texas Gulf Coast has missed another terrible storm.

We have laughed about the group we'd be taking with us, if we'd had to evacuate.....it's really pretty sad, when you think about it! Two grandmas, one handicapped man, one child, two adult children and......one crazy lady. 'Cause if I had to lead that caravan out of this city, that's what I'd be, for sure. So, instead of packing up the bus and heading out of town, I've been able to have a bit of fun this weekend.

Friday, I met a couple of "old friends" at Zio's for lunch. If they are reading this post....they know what I mean by old!!! I've known both of these ladies for quite a while. One for 16 years and one for 14 years. Hard to believe....we talked about the changes we've been through together. Pregnancies, teens, hormones, chronic illnesses, miscarriages, happy times as couples, tears at funerals, children turning into adults, marriages of children (and possibilities of marriages!!!) and now menopause has begun it's devastation on one of us!! No names mentioned!!! Thanks for the great day ladies! I love ya!

Saturday was pretty dull, which is a good thing, as we prepared for church on Sunday. We were able to make it to the services, which was a good thing since Dear Hubby was scheduled to preach! He did a great job and we both survived it well. It was great to be able to see Dear Older Son at church on Sunday with his bride to be, as well as meeting the new bride of a dear friend of my children.

I've spent a lot of time in front of the TV watching the news non stop, wondering where the hurricane would go. So, making good use of my time, I've been hand quilting one of my "found quilts" - from a previous post. That small quilt is coming right along, and I'm quilting the first border.

This morning, I put the center of the Off Centered Log Cabin quilt together. I love it. I don't know what I'm going to do now though. I shopped my stash of fabrics and couldn't find anything I loved for the borders, so I may have to run to the LQS (Local Quilt Shop) and find a couple of fabrics! No problem...I've got birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. Here are pics....enjoy!

Now, back to hand quilting.....or maybe, I'll just take a break and pull out some quilt books and magazines. Oooh, and a cup of coffee! Sounds like a plan!

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!