Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally Home!!! Hooray!!!

We are finally home! We heard from a neighbor on Thursday evening that our power was back on. We were visiting with our Former Youth Pastor (from when we were youth 26 years ago!!!) and decided to stay one night and visit with them some the next morning, before heading home.

We arrived home around 6:00 p.m. Friday night. Everything is a mess around here. Only two grocery stores are open and there isn't much in the way of street lights and traffic lights. Half of the neighborhood is still dark and powerless.....I feel so badly for them. But, we hear that the other half should have power by Tuesday.

We did have a great time, even though it was a bit stressful. Caring for someone who is disabled can be a challenge at home....even a bit more on the road. Dear Hubby did well though. He was starting to get tired, but no complaints. Thanks Honey for being patient with us!!!

But, one thing I have decided. Dear Hubby had better get his traveling pants on! We are going to take the kids (three of which are adults) to our favorite vacation spot before Dear Older Son marries! It's just something we NEED to do. And, now, we know that Dear Dad and Hubby can do it. It's hard, but the cabins in Arkansas that we normally rent have handicap accessible cabins too. So, kids, make plans to travel to Arkansas!

Here is a pic of the house where we stayed, just east of Dallas.

It's on 10 acres and they have two bulls. The bulls are still young and they let Dear Younger Daughter feed them! She loved it.Our friends were so kind. I haven't talked to them in months and months and I call out of the blue and ask, "Can I bring six people to stay at your house?" They were kind to let us. They shared everything they had and even let us control the thermostat. Wasn't that kind? With Dear Hubby not able to handle heat, it was wonderful to be able to keep him cool!

Thursday evening, Dear Older Daughter and I were able to attend a concert by the Singing Men of Texas. Our friend was singing and playing the french horn. It was WONDERFUL! So nice to hear live music. It was very moving. All those male voices singing in praise to their Maker.

All in all, it was tiring, but such fun. I hope we never have to evacuate again, but it's wonderful to know that we have dear friends who will let us stay with them....people who love us.

While I did take some hand quilting projects with me, I really didn't have time to work on anything. I was busy most of the time and when I wasn't I was TIRED!! LOL

But, we're home now, and I'm praying that things will get back to normal soon. I sure did miss my little house! BTW, the house is in perfect shape. Just some limbs down and that's it! We were certainly blessed!

Looks like someone needs to do some grocery shopping!!!

Happy Quilting Everyone......


Sara said...

I am so glad that you made it home safely! And isn't wonderful to have friends like that? Also very glad that you had no major damage to your house, its enough to have to evacuate, but then damage would be so horrible on top of that!

Diane said...

I'm glad your home! I hope you get to rest some over the next several days. Love to everyone!

whitestone said...

Welcome back home. I know you were reluctant to ask others to help you, but I'll betcha they were blessed to be a blessing!!

Lindah said...

Welcome home! I'm so glad you're back and everything is ok at your house. Glad DH did well with changes. Sounds like the Lord provided well for you. He always does, doesn't he!

Libby said...

Glad to know that you are safely home once again. Now to get everything in order so you can get out on the road again to those cabins . . . sounds like a lot of fun *s*

Hannah said...

Yay Mrs Wy!!! I'm glad you are back home. :) Love you.

Mary said...

So glad you arrived home safely and that everything at your house is OK.

Niki :-) said...

Hi there. You'll need to go to quilters just us quilter, get listed to sign up your blog again. whoops. sorry.

Marilyn R said...

Yeah! i'm glad you are home safe and sound and all is well.