Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still in Ft. Worth

We are still here at the hotel. We are staying here until Monday morning. It's rather expensive to stay at hotels. After Monday we will be going to friends' for a while. We aren't sure where....exactly. But, we've had several different families offer to host our family. We only want to do this short term because we'd like to retain our friendships. I mean think about it. Could you host a family of 6-8 for three weeks and still like them???

Our hopes are to stay somewhere north of Houston for a few more days and then move closer and closer. We have one family about 45 minutes from our home who has offered to let us come as soon as they get power. We'll see how soon that is.

From what we hear, it could take 3 weeks for everyone in the Houston area to have power restored. There is no way Dear Hubby and I can go home without, pray that we have friends who will let us crash at their home. We have quite a crew, ya know??? LOL

An update on our home:

It's safe and sound. No storm surge. Maybe some water came in through the window sills from the horizontal rain. We have limbs down, but nothing on the house. The next door neighbor stayed through the storm, but said at 2:00 a.m., he was wishing he had evacuated. It was frightening for him and his family.

My sister does not have news of her home in Seabrook. They do know that it was bad there. Just no information on her home at this time.

Mother, Older Daughter and Younger Son will be returning tomorrow morning to retrieve a few items and to clean out the freezer and fridge for our return. We left in such a hurry, we didn't take time to clean things out. We lost power around 12:30 am Friday night.

Thanks for your kind words everyone. Looking forward to getting back home and getting things back to normal......Happy Quilting Everyone!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Paula

I hope you can go back to your home soon. It is not fun to run away from hurricane Ike.

Another quilter running away from hurricane Ike

Catherine said...

Thank goodness you had no property damage -- I hope you get the power back quickly and are able to get back home.
We're supposed to be getting the rain from Ike all the way up here by tomorrow!

MARCIE said...

Hi Paula, I have been watching the news and think you are wise to evacuate. I hope you and your famiy are well and safe. We are praying for all you folks.

Helen in the UK said...

Very pleased to hear you are all safe, even though you are having to 'camp' with friends and family for a while!! Hope you are soon back home :)

Conni said...

Glad you were able to "weather" this storm! Praying you will be home very soon!

Libby said...

Glad to hear that you are safe and sound. Sounds as though your home has fared well which is wonderful news. Hope you are able to return soon.