Thursday, September 25, 2008

Announcement and Busy Hands

Here is the formal announcement: My son has proposed and his girl has accepted! They are engaged!!! Yippee!!!

A pic of the lovely couple a few days after the engagement.... They are two wonderful people and I can't wait to see where the Lord takes them on the journey together.
Congrats Josh and Kristin!

I've been trying to keep my hands busy (in my fabric that is), but life sometimes gets in the way!!

Here are a couple of things I've been working on.

I got the top of my Reproduction Four Patch done. Added a red border. Now, I just have to decide which blue fabric to pull from stash for the outer border.

Someone asked me who I was making that quilt for....well, I really like it and don't want to give it away. I love reproduction fabrics, ya know. But, I don't need another table quilt or wall hanging. So, I decided, it's going in my "Grandma's Hope Chest". This hope chest is not intended to pressure my kids into having children before they are ready. But, my first three kiddos were born in 3 1/2 years. So, when the grandchildren start coming in.....I have a feeling there will be one after the other! So, I'm adding cute baby quilts to my stash of "Grandma's Hope Chest". PS.....don't tell my kids! They would be mortified!!! LOL

I purchased some charm squares from the Shangi-la collection a while back and had also purchased some yardage of the reds in the collection. I've been thinking about what to do with them and here is what I decided on. I found this quilt on QuiltTownUSA quite a while back and fell in love with it's simplicity. It's called Child's Play.

Here are a few of the nine patches I've been working on. And, the fabric I chose for the alternate squares. more saturated reds.

I still have that secret project that I'm working on, but it's a long term one.....and it's secret, so no pics! Just a little tease.

An update on Hurricane Ike. Dear MIL is still without power today. She's been a real trooper though! No complaining. She did come over and bathe, wash clothes and have a hot meal. She would be here with us the entire time, but her pooches need her and we aren't really set up for doggy duty! Fortunately, she's just about 20 minutes from us, so she can come for a visit any time! She'll be here for dinner Saturday..... I looked online and they aren't expecting her power restored until Sunday. It's been moved a couple of times though, so she's not expecting it. Tomorrow will be two weeks for her! Poor dear.

I'm off to sew a bit and to count my blessings. I'm SOOOO grateful to have power and most especially AC. Mosquitoes are so bad right now, no one wants to open doors and windows!

Happy Quilting and remember, Count Your Blessings!!!


Stewpot said...

God's blessings upon Josh and Kristin! It will be great to see what path the Lord has for them...I heard he set a high standard to follow for the way he proposed! Yep, grandchildren hope chest sounds good....our Stephanie was a honeymoon baby... I like the cheerfulness of the pinks on the link quilt you showed.

Sweet P said...

Congratulations to the new couple! I started a Grandma's Hope Chest last year. So far I have 2 quilts and 2 books in it. I need to get moving since the new baby will be here in late April/early May

Karen said...

The reproduction quilt is turning out quite nice! Good job.

Sheri said...

Cute couple. Love the reproduction quilt.

Sara said...

Congratulations and blessings to Josh and Kristin! Wonderful news! I love your reproduction 9 patch, and the colors in the other one! Can't wait to see what the surprise is. Your poor MIL. That is horrible. At least she is keeping her spirits up!

Libby said...

What a happy couple *s*
Love those 9 patches . . . a Grandma's Hope chest is the perfect idea - but one that I could NEVER breathe out loud anywhere near The Princess.

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! Congratulations to the happy couple. You'll have lots of fun -- our oldest son just got married last spring and we had a wonderful time.

And you're so smart to have a baby hope chest. One of my quilty peeps had one for years and now she has three new grandbabies in two years!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Your four patch inspired me to start whippin' up a few of my own. I love that baby you've got there and the red border - PERFECT!

You amaze me with all your inner, creative magic. I love "in the mind of a quilter."

And my best wishes to Josh and Kristin. Now a wedding quilt is on the horizon. How fun.

MARCIE said...

Sounds like your life is getting bac to normal. You have all been through quite the ordeal. Love that big 4-patch quilt! And your son and fiance are darling!

FabricMom said...

Congratulations on the engagement. What a happy time. They look so cute.

Laurie said...

I love those 4-patches.