Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The mess I told you about.....

When I first started quilting, I pieced by hand. Everything. I wanted to be a purist.

But the problem was this: I wasn't a perfectionist. Face it, I wasn't even good at it. Most of my blocks were a mess. I was constantly asking my sister in law, "What's wrong with it?" She tried to help me, but the fact is, I wasn't a careful template tracer, and I sewed in giant stitches, and I didn't stay on the sewing lines.

Eventually, I got a bit better. And, I even tried teaching some friends. They did their best too. And, they struggled like I did.

Then we all changed to machine piecing. And, some of us continued quilting and have improved our skill.

I'm still not a great quilter. But I do well enough. I don't show my work up close. LOL The main thing is that I love quilting. And, I enjoy the process (most of the time).

But there is a problem. I have lots of orphan blocks and bits. A lot of them were made by my friends. I've even had people I don't know give me stuff when they find out I quilt. And, I ended up with a drawer full of orphan blocks.

Most of them are hand pieced. And, they are badly done. I should just throw them away, but I can't. And, I can't cut them to square them off. Oh, and I forgot to add that this was before I understood about contrast! Everything blends together into a muddled mess! Ugh.

So I spent time yesterday pulling out the "brighter" blocks and bits and started adding sashing, etc. so that I could lop off some fabric and end up with something square.

I didn't worry about seam allowances, etc. on those hand pieced blocks. I just sewed a piece of fabric onto the block in a straight line, ignoring any missing points, etc.

Here is what I started with:

And, here is what I have now:

There are plenty more blocks to play with. Lots of "stuff" still left over. I don't know what I'm doing here, just trying to use up some blocks and empty a drawer. I did throw some REALLY bad blocks away. But these weren't too bad. (Ha!)

Isn't it a horrid mess????

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Good job sew far.

Denise said...

What a creative way to use up the orphan blocks, you could even donate the quilts you make. I am sure that they would be appreciated, just a thought.

Betty Lou said...

What is it they say "make a silk purse out of a pig's ear." I think they turned out great and someone will love this quilt.

Linda said...

How fun and what a good way to learn to see possibilities. (It's a little like a guild challenge!)

Kathryn D. Duke said...

you are right...scrappy is best...have been trying to finish up a few myself...great site..'


Diane said...

It will be great!

Marie (once The Tile Lady) said...

I love what you are doing! I have my oiwn "mess" to share soon...the very first sampler quilt I attempted. It isn't a treasure, but why not keep it anyway as "My first". Right?

Family of Jack said...

I like it and if you donate it to a child or veteran in the hospital it will be truly loved...or have Jon give it to a pt in the ambulance. Zachary still has his little homemade bear from his ride in the ambulance; they are appreciated.
You could piece into larger pieces and then make stuffed animals from the material. My nephews have animals made from their worn baby blankets.