Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh my!

This past week, Dear Younger Daughter told me that she would like to make a quilt. So, being a good mother (and an encouraging quilter), we ran right out and picked up some fabric for her.

I let her pick it out all by herself....these fabrics really are the three she chose. I think she did a great job! It's funny because her comforter is very similar to the brown dot fabric. :)

I'm doing the cutting, and she's sewing and pressing. So far, we've only made two blocks. That's because something is weird and I can't figure out what it is. The blocks are coming out....what is the word....weird. Some of her seams aren't exactly straight and that I understand. But the block looks twisted. Anyway, she and I both were frustrated.....fortunately not with each other. And, we left the blocks sitting. We are both hoping to get back to her quilt soon.

We are making a mock trip around the world pattern, found HERE.

I saw this quilt on Pat's blog, Bell Creek Quilts, and thought it would be a great quilt for my daughter to start with. (She did have a tiny bit of sewing experience.) Pat was so kind and sent me a lengthy e-mail with great info about this quilt and how to make it. I was curious how much yardage was needed. Thanks to Pat's info, I purchased enough to make the quilt large (just in case)....but we'll stop when Dear Younger Daughter tires of it or thinks it's big enough. I will do the quilting for her.

I had another horrid dental appointment yesterday, and have had to take some pain meds afterward. Feeling a bit better today though. But now, I've got to focus on cleaning. Ick. Maybe Friday, I'll be able to get back to sewing...

I did make a few more nine patches....I now have 30 of them. I'm thinking about the layout, etc. and I'm thinking I need 60 or so. I put ten of them together each time I sit down, and they go together quickly, so it won't be hard to get the rest of them done. I'm thinking of alternating with plain blocks, so that when I quilt it, the quilting will really show. And, I'm thinking of making it without borders. Kind of a "utility quilt" look. Nothing matchy, matchy, lots of different fabrics...a nod to our quilting ancestors. Quilts like my maternal grandmother used to make, using what she had. (My paternal grandmother made beautiful quilts.)

Oh, and I also organized my fabric folded on the shelves. Moved them around a bit, sorted (a bit) by color, etc. It was fun playing with my fabrics again.

And, then, I ran across some plaids I had purchased long ago.....and am thinking of cutting out another quilt (I did cut out one block). I know, I know.....I have so many UFO's I really should start on them, but I just can't help myself! I'll give you a peek in a few days.

Now, I'm off to clean house and get ready for our Small Group Meeting from church tonight. Can't wait to see my sweet friends.

And, Thursday, before the dentist appointment, I was able to get all four Give Away Winners prizes in the mail. So, be on the lookout for them! Woo hoo!!!! Hoping they each let me see their projects when they are done. I know I'll be a bit jealous and wish I had them back!! LOL No, I'll be gracious and just be happy for them. :)

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!!


Quiet Quilter said...

Sometimes blocks have a mind of their own..

Dentists can be a pain...

Hope your daughter enjoys sewing..that's the main thing, even if the item doesn't get finished right away...

suemac said...

Good luck with your blocks. It is so great that your daughter is interesting in quilting.

Linda said...

Does she know to PRESS (put the iron down and lift it up) and not IRON (pushing the iron across the fabric) the squares? It can really warp the fibers to iron it and then they will not look right. I found out that I was doing that and it made a lot of difference when I started pressing.