Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh so nice....

Our anniversary is the end of this month.....and of course, Mother's Day is tomorrow. Dear Hubby sent me out shopping for this::

I'm in love with it. I LOVE the color, and I can't wait to fill the bottom two shelves with quilts that I've finished. A couple of my quilts are out camping this weekend (with Dear Older Daughter) and one is at an EMT station (where my son works and sleeps), and all the others are either on a bed here, or are small wall hanging quilts or have been given away.

The quilter's children have no quilts!

The cabinet has beadboard backing and stained shelves. It's super sturdy and has beveled glass. Sigh.

We had a large computer armoire in this spot and it took up so much room, both physically and visually. Now that Dear Hubby is not able to get out of bed, we have gotten rid of the big desk top computer and Dear Older Son put together a nice laptop for Dear Hubby. (And, he has an iPad too.)

I've wanted one of these cabinets for oh so long.....and I finally have one. Rather expensive for our normal gifts, so I'm combining Mother's Day and anniversary. :) I do have the sweetest hubby.

Happy Mother's Day (and anniversary) to me!!!!!!


Linda said...

What a nice gift! I love the color, too!

Michelle said...

That is gorgeous -- you've got to post pictures once it's full of quilts!

Kathie said...

oh I wish I could find a cabinet like that for my quilts too
its beautiful and yes I love the RED!
happy mothers day!

Conni said...

Can't go wrong if it's RED! My favorite color. Congrats on your do have a sweet and thoughtful hubby.

suemac said...

Beautiful cabinet. May you get enough quilts done to fill up the two shelves. Happy Mother's Day.

Diane said...

How pretty! I love the red too. Where did you find it? I really like the beadboard backing. We all have been married a long time haven't we? Happy anniversary (a bit early) but I have already started celebrating. I figure for 30 years I should get at least 3 months to celebrate.