Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini Respite and Homespun Stars....

I arrived home yesterday from a short mini respite trip. I try to take them about 3-4 times a year. As most of you know, I am a full time caregiver for my husband who was diagnosed with MS eleven years ago. He needs complete care, and can't do anything for himself, except lift a water glass and sometimes he can feed himself finger foods.

Anyway, I took a trip to Galveston Island and stayed in a Bed & Breakfast. My hostess was a precious lady who likes to give hugs. She waited on me hand and foot. I got to soak in a nice bath, watch movies, read and did a bit of hand quilting, all without being interrupted. I drove around the island, ate a delish steak at Saltgrass, walked on the beach and rested.

I had an AMAZING time!

On the way home, I stopped by some quilt shops and picked up some more fabrics. I found several indigos, some reproductions and a couple of plaids.

And speaking of plaids, I followed my SIL's advice and have started making my (our) version of Homespun Stars. I'm loving it!!! I'm making more blocks, so I'm able to use lots of different fabrics. This quilt is looking scrappy....and you know those are my favorite quilts! I'm planning on adding two borders.

(I added in a couple of white backgrounds, and now I'm thinking I don't like those two blocks....they stand out too much. What do you think?? Should I ditch them??)

I'm not sure this is how I will set the blocks, but as I finish the smaller stars, I'll move things around. But overall, I'm loving this quilt. It's taken over my nine patches in priority. :) Those nine patches will still be there, right.

And, I'm still quilting on the Hopscotch Quilt. I'm really loving it too.

I had a dental appointment right before my trip to Galveston, and had a temporary crown put on. The temporary crown was bothering me so badly, I've been having to take Vicodin. :( I went back in today and the dentist trimmed the crown up a bit. We think it was pushing on my gums causing discomfort. I'm feeling a bit better and I'm really hoping it gets better. Soon. The permanent crown should be ready next week.

Ok....enough chit chat. Back to the sewing room! :)

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!


Diane said...

Oh Paula! It looks great! I agree the white should go.
I'm glad you had a nice quiet time for rest and relaxation.
Seeing the dentist is not my favorite way to spend a couple of hours, but I am sure thankful for them.
The 9 patches will be there when you get back to them. They like to rest too. :)

Betty Lou said...

So glad you got away and had some ME time to rest. Like your stars but i agree the white stands out too much. You could always use theme tomake pillows or something.

Material Mary said...

Loving the fact that you are making this bigger. Love it!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Galveston is great. Glad you got to enjoy it. I agree, the white blocks are just 'too white' and stand out. Oh well, we sew and learn. Won't be the last time. Save the blocks and use them for something else.

Susan said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself! I'm glad that you had a good time.

I agree...the white blocks are a bit bright. Maybe you could use them on the back of the quilt? As a label perhaps?

Sallie said...

Glad you got some time for yourself! That is SO important! I agree about the white blocks - save them for another time.

Linda said...

I agree with everybody else, the white back ground is too harsh. A softer color would be better. Love the plaids

Linda said...

I agree with everybody else, the white background is too harsh. Love the plaids!!