Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Down....Five to Go!

Tonight, I put the binding on one placemat. It needs to be washed and squared.....and just five more to go!

I decided at the last minute to participate in Crazy Mom's Quilt Along. She is doing her quilt in pinks and parchment. I, of course, had to be different! I am using my favorite color - green! and white for the background...... (and no comments on the unmatched points! I'm doing this for fun!!!!! ughhhh....I've only been quilting for 100 years or so, why can't I get them perfect??? Oh well!!!)

Now, I am a scrap lover and while I love Crazy Mom's blocks, I thought I'd dig through my strips, as well as fat quarters, and use as many greens as I can. The first block called for two fabrics, so I used three! Gotta love rebels!

Happy Quilting!!!

On to the binding

Yesterday, Dear Older Daughter was home part of the day, so she held Ms. Hannah (I certainly didn't have to twist her arm) while I played with fabric. I got the binding for Dear MIL's placemats cut and sewn into one long strip. This morning I took about 20 minutes to press the binding, and now I'm ready to sew it on when the opportunity presents itself.

I've also been sneaking in a strip or two on my Off Centered Log Cabin blocks. I'm up to 56 of them.....and I ONLY need 168! I'll just keep plugging away. That's how the tortoise won the race!

Life is all about rolling with the punches, going with the flow and bending so you don't break, isn't it?? Maybe that's what this season of my life is for....to teach me to roll, go and bend! LOL

Happy Quilting!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I did it! Yippee!

Even though I spent most of the day Saturday lying around, I'm excited to say that I got all four items on my list DONE! I've had some sinus/cold issues for week now and by Saturday the old body just stopped. It was enough. Sleep, just some sleep. So, I slept for about 4 hours, plus still got my 9 hours at night. When I don't feel well, the only cure is SLEEP. I'm feeling SOOO much better now....thankfully!

1. Orange Crush Part 2 - DONE!

2. The little quilt is bound, even the hand sewing is - DONE!

3. Six blocks (of the 30) hand-quilted on Mrs. Jones' quilt. DONE! It's ready to take to the church on Friday for our UFO Day.....then another quilter is taking it home with her.

4. Just about 20 more minutes of quilting left to do on the last two placemats for Dear MIL. - DONE! Just the binding and washing left! Yippee!

5. I mailed off the Four Seasons Swap Quilt. The sad (and stupid) news? I forgot to take a picture of the completed quilt! I hate it when my brain shuts down. I'm hoping my swapper will take a picture of it and e-mail it to me. Oh well....

I feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend....and I'm looking forward to finishing up the placemats next weekend. I doubt I'll be able to do much this week as far as quilting goes, but I'll get in lots of snuggling with my borrowed baby Hannah. It's a great trade off!

Happy Quilting!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fun!

Today, there are only a couple of things on my to do list.....

1. Haircut for hubby.
2. Run to the post office.
3. A small errand for Dear Older Daughter.

The rest of the day will be mine...hopefully. I've got beans on the stove, they are the start of a great pot of bean soup! Cornbread later and the meal will be done.

So, here is what I am going to TRY to work on this weekend.

1. Part 2 Orange Crush - I spent last night, at the wee hours, cutting out the triangles and squares. This morning I've been sewing and just have to do two more steps and this part will be finished.

2. Cut and put the binding on my little quilt made from leftover 30's fabrics. Hand sewing the binding will be saved for a later day.

3. Finish quilting the last block on Mrs. Jone's quilt before I hand it off to a lady at church.

4. Pull out the batting and baste the last two placemats for Dear MIL. Maybe I can even quilt a bit on the last two....one step closer to completing this little project.

Pretty ambitious goals for the weekend....I better get off this computer and get busy!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fluff Five

Ginger at Ginger's Quilts tagged me for this Fluff Five.....

Here we go.

Five Things Found in Your Bag/Purse:

1. A small umbrella (we live in Houston, you never know what the weather will do)
2. Lotion and toothpicks (for DH)
3. Face powder and Burt's Bees Lip Gloss
4. Wallet with Driver's license and debit card (I NEVER have cash! Can't keep it on me!!!!)
5. Cell Phone

Five Favorite things in your room:

1. Two short antique dressers with lots of drawers. They sit beside each side of our bed for nightstands/dressers. Lots of table top room for glasses, magazines, cups, snack plates, napkins, books, cell phones, etc. I like to have everything close by when sleeping!
2. Computer with high speed internet.
3. Pictures of my kiddos.
4. A child's chifforobe that I refinished when my youngest was born.
5. My Bible Block of the Month Quilt which hangs on the quilt shelf my dear friend's hubby made for us one year for Christmas.

Five Things you have always wanted to do:

1. Travel to England, Ireland and/or France.
2. Go to college and become a nurse.
3. Learn to paint.
4. Volunteer to teach a child to read.
5. Make things grow in my yard, instead of killing them!

Five things you are currently into:

1. Blogging
2. Caring for my hubby, Hannah (my niece) and my kids.
3. Quilting, always into quilting.
4. Coffee, currently Gevalia coffees at home, Starbuck's when I'm out.
5. Alone time, like at the park reading for an hour....alone....peace....ah! Wish I could do it more often.

Five people you want to tag:
(Ignore me if you aren't into getting tagged!)

1. Diane, of course
2. Elaine
3. Wendy
4. Karen
5. Libby

Happy Quilting!!!

Four Seasons Quilt Swap

This little quilt is in the final stages. It's been quilted, bound and the last few stitches of the label are being sewn down. I have to pick up a few little goodies to add to the package before it ships out, hopefully on Friday. It's been fun working on this little quilt, and believe me, I've stretched my skills to make this one! Challenges are fun, if you have a deadline, motivation, and the patience! I found out with this one, that I really could do....paper piecing small blocks (3 inch finished), machine quilt (with a new walking foot) and coordinate fabrics using scraps, found pieces in stash and two purchased pieces (the inner border and the binding). Lots of fun!

I'm about to head out the door, to pick up Dear Niece. We're having a blast keeping that little one and watching her grow and change!

Happy Quilting! (And I'm looking forward to our morning nap!!! LOL)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mrs. Jones' Quilt!

Here are the pictures from our Friday Quilt Bee. There were only four of us who showed up to work on Mrs. Jones' Quilt, but we made a great team. We pieced the back of the quilt with 10 1/2 inch squares, pressed the backing and basted the quilt.

I brought the quilt home with me to do some of the quilting, so that the other ladies will see how the quilt is to be quilted. May 2nd will be our UFO Day, and we'll be using that time to work on her quilt. We're hoping to get this done ASAP, so that she can start enjoying it.

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

Well, here goes -- first the rules...

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link back to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Suzy at Suzy's Quilting Room has tagged me!

Above are the rules and I'm not sure if I'll tag anyone else....this is my first tag, and I'm not really sure how others feel about being tagged. Hmmm, I'll work on my random things and you decide if you think I'm weird!!!!

1. I married at 17. Yes, it was a bit crazy of us. And not something I would recommend to everyone....but it worked for us! We married two weeks after I finished high school and DH was a very mature 22 year old. (LOL) The most embarrassing part was taking my mother to the County Court House to sign the papers for me to marry under age. FYI, because I know that some of you are wondering...everyone does....our first child was born 18 months later. We are committed Christians and knew this was the right thing for both of us and thought, "Why wait???"

2. I've only had one job in my entire life....working at our Church's Christian school/daycare. I worked after school and then for a year after I married, before our baby was born.

3. I have home schooled all of my children since they started kindergarten. Three have graduated and are productive citizens, one is still in school.

4. Next month is my 25th Wedding Anniversary!

5. I am a bit sarcastic and some have even said that I am dramatic.... I use sarcasm for humor and drama for fun! I did read the definition of drama to those who called me dramatic and told them, "My LIFE is a drama...I'm not dramatic!" Drama - a state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflicts of forces. Oh the stories I could tell!! LOL

6. My kids are my friends. Sure, I have friends other than my kids, but HONESTLY.....my kids are great people. I'd rather spend time with them than anyone else....them and my husband. But DH and I are together ALL THE TIME!!!! See random fact #7.

7. I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom who is also full time caregiver to my disabled husband. He was officially diagnosed in 2000 with Secondary Progressive MS. He has had the disease since early 1990. He is home all the time, because he can no longer work. I take care of his ADL's and he must have someone with him at all times. MS is a stinky disease, but it is where the Lord has us. Through MS, we have both learned to trust in the Lord more fully.

Now you know a little bit about me....I will let you decide whether you want to play this little game and tag yourself. If you do, please let me know in the comments. I'd like to get to know you too!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Where is Paula???

Well, I'm still here, just haven't been blogging! I have been reading blogs, so I'm trying to keep up with all of you!

Mom and I started taking care of my niece (Mom's grandbaby!) this week. My sister is a teacher and had to go back to work and finish out her contract for the rest of the school year. Mom and I volunteered to take care of Hannah for my sister and it's been wonderful! We've enjoyed spending time with her...she's a doll baby.

The ONLY problem....and it's not REALLY a problem....is that this has cut into my sewing time. Sure, I miss it, but give me the choice between baby and quilting, I'll choose this sweet baby every time! The quilting will wait, and it will be there when I get back to it.

The baby's other grandmother, Cindy (she reads my blog too! Hi Cindy!), is keeping her on Fridays, so that frees me up to have our Quilting Days at the church. The first Friday of the month is UFO Day, and the third Friday of the month is our regular Quilt Bee. I'm about to leave here and head up to the church for our Quilt Bee. We'll be working on Mrs. Jones' String X quilt. Pattern from Bonnie! Fun, fun....even though it's raining cats and dogs!

I also wanted to let everyone know that I did get the Blog Give Away Prizes in the mail! They went out yesterday by Priority Mail....be on the look out for them ladies! Please let me know when you receive them.

I'll take some pictures of our Quilt Bee today to share. I hope you all had a great week and I'm looking forward to some machine time this weekend! I need to get started on Part 2 of Bonnie's Mystery, Orange Crush, put the binding on my Four Seasons Quilt, and quilt the last three placemats for my MIL! Plenty to do!! Just need some time....

Happy Quilting everyone!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

100th Post!!!

Yippee!!!! THIS is my 100th Post and I am announcing the winners of my Blog Give Away!
Have you ever seen someone who could drag things out so long???? LOL Last night, my Dear Family helped draw the names from the basket.

Dear Hubby drew out the First Prize Winner's Name:
Blogger Becca said...

What fun! Congrats on 100 posts-can't wait to read the next 100!


Congratulations Becca!!! You've won the Little Quilt. These fabrics really are 30's, I just couldn't get the colors right.

Dear Younger Daughter drew out the Second Prize Winner's Name:

Pat said...

Congrats on your 100th posts :)
Please add my name to the give-away. The 30's reproductions look so spring-y.

Congratulations Pat!!!! You've won this pattern. I fell in love with this pattern and wanted to share it! We'd all love to see the Little Quilt you make from this pattern.

Dear Younger Son drew out the Third Prize Winner's Name:

Blogger Brenda said...

Blogs are so much fun. Great achievement on 100! Please include me in your drawing. My e-mail is brend_ack@yahoo.com

Congratulations Brenda!!!! You've won these two Fat Quarters.

Please e-mail me with your snail mail addresses and I'll get these in the mail the early next week. There will be a few little prizes tucked in....but those will be a surprise!

Thank you once again Fellow Bloggers and Quilters for all the comments. I am loving Giving Away things and may have to do this again soon!!!! Happy Quilting!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Drawing is Over!!! And this is the 99th Post!!!!

100th Post will be the winner's names!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much to each of you who commented on my Blog Give Away! I am amazed that so many of you are reading......you lurkers, you!!! LOL.....I know, I know, some of you only found my blog this week! Regardless, thanks so much. It has been an exciting week, checking my e-mail and finding more and more quilters in the drawing.

Now, I am printing off the comments and my family will help me draw from the basket for three lucky winners! So, stay posted. I'll have the winners names posted either later tonight or Saturday morning.....be patient....Dear Older Daughter stole my camera and I want to take pictures!!!

Happy Quilting!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WIP Wednesday....and Give Away!

If you haven't signed up for my 100th Post Give Away, do so now, here. The drawing is Friday, so hurry!!!

Whew! I remembered this week to post my WIP! I've finally started on Dear MIL's placemats. I started quilting them last night and got two of them quilted. Just have to trim and attach the binding. My Dear Hubby now thinks that he is a "quilt critic" and offers help in picking threads!! This, of course, is just a joke, but it is funny how, after looking at each stage of my quilts, he now has an opinion to share. Things like: I don't know if I like that fabric, what are you putting on the edge - what's that called - yeah, for the binding, I'm not sure I would use that thread for the quilting, that's going to be a gorgeous quilt once you get the quilting done. He's a hoot! And one of my biggest fans!!!! In the end, he always says, Honey, I don't know anything. Everything you do looks great!

After making the little quilt for my give away, I've been stuck on little quilts and decided to make one from the leftovers squares that mom used to make Dear Niece's quilt. I machine quilted it and just have to put the binding on it. It's really sweet and I've always been in love with squares. Weird, huh?? Triangles have so many more possibilities, but I still love squares!

Yesterday we went to see Dear MIL (she lives about 15 minutes from us). While we were there, I told her that her "island" table looks like it would make a great cutting table for my sewing room. We discussed where she bought it, etc. She then asked if I'd like to see the sewing cabinet she had out in the garage which once belonged to Dear Hubby's Great Grandmother....I think Great Grandmother must have gotten it when she was older, because the table isn't THAT old! It had been modified and would no longer open, and was painted blue but it might serve the purpose. So, home it came and straight into my sewing area! Regardless whether it is perfect for the job or not, I love it just the way it is! Flaws and all....Notice the junk I threw under the new table??? I'll organize it better at some point! I just had to get it IN the room yesterday!

Our Quilt Bee Ladies at our church are in the process of finishing up a quilt for one of the members who can no longer attend our Bee. Mrs. Joyce is the sweetest lady! She's in her 70's, sweet and spunky and was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. She is no longer able to sew much but is determined to finish up the tops she has made. She pops in now and then, when she's feeling strong enough....She took her fabric, rulers, rotary cutters, etc. and shared them with certain people. I got quite a bit of it and one of the others was given a package of batting.

I took the fabrics she gave me and made her a top from this free pattern....called String X. Here is the finished top. We are collecting 10 1/2 inch squares for back and next Friday, we'll be piecing the back and basting, using her batting! Each lady in the group, and those at church, who volunteer, will be taking the quilt home for a week and will quilt on it a bit. This way the quilt will have been made by all of us! I can't wait to see Mrs. Joyce's face when she sees her quilt and then when she notices her fabrics in the quilt! Her favorite color is red so we made that the predominate color. The border fabrics were hers!

Well, that about sums up my WIP! It's been a great week and I'm looking forward to the drawing. I try to reply to each comment, but they are coming so fast and frequent, I had to stop! So, to those of you I haven't replied to: THANKS!! For reading my blog, commenting and joining the give away! I'm so excited to be giving something away!!!!!! Fun, fun, fun!!

Happy Quilting Dear Bloggy Friends!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Give Away!

The time is drawing near!!!!
I am having a
give away for my 100th post.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post.
The winner will be chosen at random. Please include your URL or an email address or some way I can contact you in your comment. If you'd like to e-mail me, please post a comment and send an e-mail with "100th Post Give Away" in the subject line.

I will be giving away one small quilt, made with 30's fabrics (approx. 16x19 inches), one pattern for a small quilt (16x20) and a set of two Fat Quarters. Of course, each gift may have some small things added to the packaging at the last minute! Here is a sneak peek at the gifts.

Drawing will be on Friday, the 11th, at 7:00 p.m. Central time. I'll post the winner's names on Saturday.

Edited to add: There will be three winners, so your chances are better. First winner - the small quilt. Second winner - the pattern. Third winner - two fat quarters. All three will have some small gifts tucked in at mailing!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Forgotten WIP Wednesday and UFO Day!

Well, Wednesday has come and gone, and I forgot to post my WIP....

So, here's what I've been working on.

I've basted the Four Seasons Quilt Swap, but that's it. I'm feeling the pressure to finish it up. Here's hoping inspiration hits soon. This weekend will be busy, but I've got some ideas churning. Maybe one will stick!

I worked on Bonnie's Orange Crush Mystery, and thanks to her Scrap User's System, I was able to whip up those four patches in no time. I didn't do much thinking, just grabbed fabrics out of my 2 inch strip bucket and started chain piecing! 150 four patches done!

I dug through my scrap bucket (all those fabrics which haven't been stripped yet) and sorted out the light and dark fabrics for the Off Centered Log Cabin. I decided it would be easier than digging through all the fabrics - so nice having them sorted. But, I'm afraid I'm a hick! I put them in Christmas gift bags to carry with me to the UFO Day today at church!

UFO Day was fun, but not really successful, as far as getting a lot accomplished! There is just something about hanging out with my quilting buddies. We start out strong....this morning was no exception. I got 6 Off Centered Log Cabin blocks completed! Yeah for me. Then we stopped for lunch. We all brought our own, I stopped and picked up a salad - call me unprepared!

After we ate, we sat a visited for a bit. I began to realize time was getting away from us and peeked at the time. We had been "visiting" for 2 hours, and it was time to clean up and go home! So, there was SOME sewing accomplished today, but we sure had a great time!

Here are some of the projects everyone is working on. ( notice the chocolate???)

That's it for now, Dear Older Son is coming home for the weekend and I'll be too busy to post for a while, at least until Monday or Tuesday....so....

Happy Quilting!