Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fun!

Today, there are only a couple of things on my to do list.....

1. Haircut for hubby.
2. Run to the post office.
3. A small errand for Dear Older Daughter.

The rest of the day will be mine...hopefully. I've got beans on the stove, they are the start of a great pot of bean soup! Cornbread later and the meal will be done.

So, here is what I am going to TRY to work on this weekend.

1. Part 2 Orange Crush - I spent last night, at the wee hours, cutting out the triangles and squares. This morning I've been sewing and just have to do two more steps and this part will be finished.

2. Cut and put the binding on my little quilt made from leftover 30's fabrics. Hand sewing the binding will be saved for a later day.

3. Finish quilting the last block on Mrs. Jone's quilt before I hand it off to a lady at church.

4. Pull out the batting and baste the last two placemats for Dear MIL. Maybe I can even quilt a bit on the last step closer to completing this little project.

Pretty ambitious goals for the weekend....I better get off this computer and get busy!

Happy Quilting!


Mountain Mama said...

Hi Paula. Your beans and cornbread are some of my favorites. Now I want some too!
I must say looking at your quilt projects just fills my heart with the desire to get back to my quilting. I have boxes and boxes of fabrics, assorted according to color all neatly stacked upstairs. However I started a very difficult and time consuming quilt project about 15 years ago and told myself I wouldn't begin another until I finished it. Sooooo in the meantime I just dream of all the wonderful quilts I have still to make.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

It looks all good fun to me!

Brenda said...

It is so fabulous to have a list that is actually being completed. Have a great day quilting.


Dawn said...

Yum...I can smell your yummy soup and cornbread already. And you are soooo inspiring with all of your projects! Now--like you said, 'off of the computer' and back to fabric fun.