Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mrs. Jones' Quilt!

Here are the pictures from our Friday Quilt Bee. There were only four of us who showed up to work on Mrs. Jones' Quilt, but we made a great team. We pieced the back of the quilt with 10 1/2 inch squares, pressed the backing and basted the quilt.

I brought the quilt home with me to do some of the quilting, so that the other ladies will see how the quilt is to be quilted. May 2nd will be our UFO Day, and we'll be using that time to work on her quilt. We're hoping to get this done ASAP, so that she can start enjoying it.

Happy Quilting!


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh how fun! Love this.

Libby said...

Oh it looks great . . . what a fun way to do the back.

Brenda said...

Paula, I just wanted to tell you thank you for the wonderful surprises in with my two fat quarters. Such a wonderful gesture, I really enjoyed them all. Thank you once again. I enjoy looking in on your blog. You are always busy doing something. It is uplifting. Have a grand day quilting.


Diane said...

I love Mrs Jones' quilt! I wish I could be there to help some.
Kiss Hannah for me.

whitestone said...

Mrs. Jones is going to love this quilt! Lovely!