Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WIP Wednesday....and Give Away!

If you haven't signed up for my 100th Post Give Away, do so now, here. The drawing is Friday, so hurry!!!

Whew! I remembered this week to post my WIP! I've finally started on Dear MIL's placemats. I started quilting them last night and got two of them quilted. Just have to trim and attach the binding. My Dear Hubby now thinks that he is a "quilt critic" and offers help in picking threads!! This, of course, is just a joke, but it is funny how, after looking at each stage of my quilts, he now has an opinion to share. Things like: I don't know if I like that fabric, what are you putting on the edge - what's that called - yeah, for the binding, I'm not sure I would use that thread for the quilting, that's going to be a gorgeous quilt once you get the quilting done. He's a hoot! And one of my biggest fans!!!! In the end, he always says, Honey, I don't know anything. Everything you do looks great!

After making the little quilt for my give away, I've been stuck on little quilts and decided to make one from the leftovers squares that mom used to make Dear Niece's quilt. I machine quilted it and just have to put the binding on it. It's really sweet and I've always been in love with squares. Weird, huh?? Triangles have so many more possibilities, but I still love squares!

Yesterday we went to see Dear MIL (she lives about 15 minutes from us). While we were there, I told her that her "island" table looks like it would make a great cutting table for my sewing room. We discussed where she bought it, etc. She then asked if I'd like to see the sewing cabinet she had out in the garage which once belonged to Dear Hubby's Great Grandmother....I think Great Grandmother must have gotten it when she was older, because the table isn't THAT old! It had been modified and would no longer open, and was painted blue but it might serve the purpose. So, home it came and straight into my sewing area! Regardless whether it is perfect for the job or not, I love it just the way it is! Flaws and all....Notice the junk I threw under the new table??? I'll organize it better at some point! I just had to get it IN the room yesterday!

Our Quilt Bee Ladies at our church are in the process of finishing up a quilt for one of the members who can no longer attend our Bee. Mrs. Joyce is the sweetest lady! She's in her 70's, sweet and spunky and was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. She is no longer able to sew much but is determined to finish up the tops she has made. She pops in now and then, when she's feeling strong enough....She took her fabric, rulers, rotary cutters, etc. and shared them with certain people. I got quite a bit of it and one of the others was given a package of batting.

I took the fabrics she gave me and made her a top from this free pattern....called String X. Here is the finished top. We are collecting 10 1/2 inch squares for back and next Friday, we'll be piecing the back and basting, using her batting! Each lady in the group, and those at church, who volunteer, will be taking the quilt home for a week and will quilt on it a bit. This way the quilt will have been made by all of us! I can't wait to see Mrs. Joyce's face when she sees her quilt and then when she notices her fabrics in the quilt! Her favorite color is red so we made that the predominate color. The border fabrics were hers!

Well, that about sums up my WIP! It's been a great week and I'm looking forward to the drawing. I try to reply to each comment, but they are coming so fast and frequent, I had to stop! So, to those of you I haven't replied to: THANKS!! For reading my blog, commenting and joining the give away! I'm so excited to be giving something away!!!!!! Fun, fun, fun!!

Happy Quilting Dear Bloggy Friends!!!


Lori in South Dakota said...

The blue table is wonderful, and so extra special since it came from someone in your family. And string blocks are one of my favorites, they can combine all your scraps and make into a unique "just for you" type quilt! Your friend will feel so loved.

Monique said...

I sure hope I win the contest because some of those fabrics look FRENCH!!


Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

That table looks like it will work out really nice. Love the projects you are woring on :o)

paula, the quilter said...

I love Bonnie's String x pattern. I've made it several times. I don't have one of them because I keep giving them away.

Marilyn R said...

I love your blue quilting table! What a great find! The string quilt is fantastic!

Lindah said...

I love your description of your DH's participation in your quilting--my DH must be his twin! lol It's fun.

Beautiful quilt. Such a neat idea to have each quilter put in a few stitches. I'm sure it will be a special comfort to your friend to have it near as a reminder of the love and friendship of each member.

Marcie said...

The fabric in your little quilt of squares looks like it is faded to perfection! And what a cool Table! And an heirloom no less! Beauty!

Brenda said...

The quilts are wonderful and the table is such an added bonus. I noticed that you like coffee, well my daughter is offering free coffee samples of her special blends visit my blog spot: and click on her link. It really is good coffee. Have a great time quilting.

Brenda said...

Your quilts are wonderful and the table is so special, glad you get to use it. If you like coffee go to my blog and check out my daughters link for free coffee samples of her new blends.