Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pay If Forward - from Jeanne

Surprise! I got a squishie in the mail today! I knew it was coming, but I was still so surprised. You should have seen the family trying to figure out who in Michigan was sending me a package. I mean, we do know several families in Michigan, but the last name didn't sound familiar to me!!! LOL

Of course not, I call her Jeanne.....and here is what came in the mail.

First, the sweet little card that looks like a purse!! and a little Michigan bear, which my 12 year old loves and wants to keep. (She can take care of him tonight is all!!!!) Here he sits on a little blue package. Inside the package??? These two adorable pot holders! Aren't they the sweetest? I love the back of them too. And, there are dots on the background fabrics.....and the colors are green and red (of course) and I LOVE green and red! So, there, they are perfect!!!!!

Thank you so much Jeanne! I love them!

I can't wait to sign up when the next Pay It Forward Challenge comes along!! This has been loads of fun!

Happy Quilting!

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Marilyn R said...

What an adorable little bear and pot holders! Cute!