Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Four Seasons Quilt Is On It's Way!!!!

Yesterday, I took the Four Seasons Quilt to the Post Office. I included some goodies and the package is on it's way to my swap partner. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll love it.

I also finished hand quilting my "Pressure Cooker Quilt" this morning, as well as the binding. As I type, the finished quilt is in the dryer getting it's puckered look. I absolutely adore a puckered quilt! My number one reason why I never pre-wash my fabrics. Only for swaps and when I HAVE to. (Don't tell the quilt police!) Sure, I'm taking a risk and I've been burned twice. But, in the end, the quilts weren't too damaged!! And, I kinda like the old, faded worn out look. Fortunately, there haven't been any really awful bleed areas like I've seen on some quilts.

And, sadly, there are no pictures today because I sent my camera with the kiddos when they went to the beach on Monday. Older Daughter and I both forgot to get the camera out of her bag and she's gone for most of the week! Ugghhh. We're working on a plan to get the camera home tonight, but I'm not sure it will work!

Shorter is better when there are no pics, so I'll end here. On to the next project!!!

Happy Quilting!


Libby said...

Yeah - another non-washer out of the closet! Truth be told . . . I don't prewash my swap pieces either *gasp* But I do wash before I send. That way I know there's nothing that has run . . . and I get that delicious, puckered look *s*

Hannah said...

I NEVER pre-wash anything. hehe. And no pics? It is hardly worth reading! Get thy camera back. :-)

Sara said...

I admit, I never pre-wash either! It's just one of those things! I have never really been burned though!