Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another TWO Finishes....

I guess I'm on a roll. The only problem??? My quilting finger and wrist are aching! I suppose I'll have to slow down on the hand quilting and switch back to machine piecing for a while! LOL

Here is a combination picture. The Pressure Cooker Quilt underneath the purse I made yesterday. The purse is pretty perfect in size, but IF I ever make another one, it will look much better. The directions confused me, but only because I wanted contrasting fabric on the inside while the pattern didn't call for it. Maybe that should teach me to make a sample following the instructions and then adapt and play with the pattern later. But, I am notorious for making something and saying, "well, that was fun, but I'll never do it again!" So, maybe I did right by getting what I wanted the first time.

The Pressure Cooker Quilt was fun to hand quilt. I took a leap and looked over the quilting suggestions, decided to do it the way it was in the book, but REFUSED to mark it! I just did the quilting free hand. Wow, it was liberating. No lines, quilter's tape, measuring or anything. Just happily quilt while I watch old movies. Fun, fun, fun. I just knew I'd have to mark the border, but by the time I got to the border, I felt so confident, I just free hand quilted it too! This is probably the most fun I've had recently hand quilting!

Anyway, I've also started quilting another little quilt and it's almost done too. More quilting without following any rules....and I'm having a great time. Wow, isn't this why I started quilting in the first place???? To enjoy it??? Yep, I'm back to the good ole days of having fun while quilting, but making less mistakes than before!! THAT'S a good thing!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Happy Quilting!!

Oops, the last pic is a little blurry! Oh, well, I may never learn!!! LOL


Sweet P said...

Do you mean there are rules to quilting? I never knew . . . HAHAHA!

Pressure Cooker looks great. So does your purse.

lindsey said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog...thanks!

Libby said...

Wow - that quilting looks great! I was having some hand troubles while quilting recently. I discovered if I used a pillow to prop the forearm of my 'under' hand, I didn't feel so fatigued . . . I have been doing the same for applique for some time. Maybe it will help.

Erin said...

MAMA!!!! I WANT A PURSE LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!! Whoa, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Carolyn said...

Your quilt and bag are fabulous. I'm so glad you are enjoying the quilting...I've lost that love of my own projects over the years, probably since I got my machine and quilting became work. I need to get it back, maybe I should go back to hand quilting?