Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm feeling like a quilter!!

I'm having such a wonderful time quilting away on my Red Strings Quilt. I'm halfway done with the quilting. I can't believe how quickly it has gotten done. I haven't spent as much time playing Tetris or Zuma.....but I think I've got something to show for my time, don't you??

Yesterday, I got out for an hour or so, and made a quick trip to JoAnn's. I found some Olfa blades 40% off. Love it when something I went to purchase ends up being on sale, and I don't have to "waste" and coupon for it. Now, I can continue cutting up those strips and squares. It's a slow process. Just when I think I'm getting lots of fabric cut up, I turn around and see that the container is still full. How can that be????

And, I found a lovely piece of good quality fabric for the binding. It's a rich red color, like most of the quilt.

I'm not really happy with the pics I've taken of the quilt. The red looks really bright, but it's not.

I did have to take a break today from quilting because my hand is cramping up. Kind of like starting an exercise program by running a marathon. Not smart. I should have worked into it slowly, but no. I'm kind of obsessive in that once I start something I run head long into it and tend to over do.

Need. More. Balance.

So this afternoon, instead of sewing, I organized my quilt pics. Lovely folders, nicely labeled, (all on the computer, of course) and ready to post as I begin working on the quilts again.

This evening I may take a few minutes to change out the blade on my rotary cutter and cut a few pieces of fabric. I'm setting a goal of cutting all of those pesky scraps up, before I resume piecing. I want my sewing room clean before I pull out more stuff.

And, I'm already thinking of which top I want to start quilting next.

Looks like I'm back to quilting and I've got it pretty bad. HOORAY!!!

Happy Quilting!!!!!


Material Mary said...

Getting a new blade on our cutters is kind of like a new haircut. It gives us a new release on life. Everything is a little easier.

Jackie said...

Glad to see you're posting again and ramping up to quilting!

True Blue Nana said...

I have hand quilted a couple of quilts and I am doing one for my younger grandson now. This time I am using a big stitch and it is going fairly quickly. I really enjoy it. Something to do when watching tv at night. Also, it can be relaxing.

Rhonda said...

was at the library today and saw a quilting book for sale in the friends of the library area...one quilt in it reminded me of your red strings. It was a red string quilt too but then had two vertical rows of white with black....kinda like a rr track...hard to describe now that I am home, but it was a neat look....anyway, reminded me of your quilt.

Diane said...

I'm so glad.