Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hand Quilting

My paternal grandmother is my quilting hero. She had dozens and dozens of finished quilts in her little back room. Long story, and quite sad, but another family member ended up keeping them all for herself and her children.

I have two things my grandmother made and hand quilted. And, I am very proud of them.

I will never be the quilter my grandmother was. She took such tiny, even stitches. Since I will never be her, I've decided to focus instead on making even stitches. Perhaps in another forty years, my stitches will be tiny??? :)

Current project: Red Strings Quilt, see side bar for a picture of the top.

Happy Quilting!!!


Quiet Quilter said...

Nice! I am happy if my quilt doesn't come apart and toenails don't snag in my stitches!

Laurie said...

Quilted is what counts. No quilt police allowed. I like the tiny stitches but I also like the big stitches done with pearl cotton so you CAN'T get them small.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love the look of your Red String Quilt. You are very diligent to do the hand quilting. And one day your children will enjoy the heritage you are leaving.

WhiteStone said...

My stitches will never win ribbons, but they are even and tidy. That's "perfect" in my eyes. Your red quilt is lovely!

Material Mary said...

Your quilting looks great. I come from a legacy of hand quilters and I cannot hand quilt yet. I try to fake it. I can piece, which is something they struggled with, but we have wonderful tools. Pat yourself on the back that you love to do this!!

Diane said...

You know how I feel about your stitching. I think it is beautiful.