Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm still here.....

Time flies, doesn't it?? I've been so busy this past week, it's been crazy. I am preparing for a Baby Shower for my Dear Daughter in law and my son in a few short weeks. I spent several days shopping for invitations and ended up making my own. So between the shopping and the making, that took up a few days of my time. Oh, and addressing, by hand, (cause I'm printer illiterate) took forever. I sent out about 45 invitations. Now, I'm thinking, where will I put everyone????? Oh well, I'll worry about that tomorrow! *wink*

I've also been doing some shopping. It's all fun, but it's also work. We've had some things that needed our attention and I've spent the past week taking care of that. And, the next couple of days will be filled with getting new tile in the bathroom. The shower wall started dropping tiles like leaves on a fall day, so blah.....the mess has begun. Fortunately, it's a small bathroom so the mess is not too big!!!!! And I'm very grateful that we have another bathroom for the "kids" to use while that one is being worked on.....well, we're all sharing the master bath, but that's ok.

And, last night, I attended a wedding shower for my BFF's daughter. We've known this family for about 16 years, and I've known the daughter since she was 3. Amazing that our children grow up so quickly. Hard to believe.

So, that's what I've been up to. I've gotten several e-mails from quilty friends checking up on me! How very, very sweet. I know....usually an absence from me means a medical emergency, but fortunately, this time that's not the problem! Much to be grateful for, right???

I need to get the binding on Dear Grandson's baby quilt in preparation of the upcoming shower. I've been sewing a bit here and there and have a few other small things made for him.

Oh, and I need to cut out some more strips for the Postage Stamp Quilt. I have almost all of them cut for the first section.....but looking at the instructions, each section will use only certain fabrics, repeated over and over. I'm wondering if I need to pull out lots of strips, sew them and then using ALL the strips, move them around so that I get more variety?? Does that even make sense??? I know what I mean, but I'm not always very good at communicating what I'm thinking!!!

Anyway, the workman is about to be here.....lots to do!!!!!

Happy Quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tammy said...

it's amazing how time just flies and all of a sudden a week has gone by. sounds like you've been a busy lady. i don't envy your bathroom re-do, but like you said, you still have one functioning bathroom so that is good. i just hate construction messes, they make me crazy. hope it goes fast!

Libby said...

Sounds like you've been busy . . . but mostly a 'fun busy' Glad to know that all is well - enjoy all these really fun things that life is offering right now *s*

WhiteStone said...

We just did a bathroom remodel that involved taking down lovely ceramic tile poisoned by mildew. No more tile but I do love our new bathroom! It's always fun to do some updating.

Happy Quilting on the postage stamp Q. Can't wait to see how it looks when finished.

Judy said...

Just wanted to remind you to breathe and have a LARGE chocolate something with a great cup of coffee!

I can't wait to see that Grandnephew's goodies from Grandma!

ohiostar5 said...

So good to read your blog again, sometimes "Life" gets in the way of our quilting. The shower sounds like a lot of fun and the excitement of having a new grandchild is wonderful. Stay in touch. BettyLou