Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everlasting Quilt

When my kids were little, we went shopping with grandma one day and found a book entitled, "Gilbert's Gobstopper". The book tells the story of a little boy and his gobstopper (jawbreaker).

The library of Congress describes it this way: This book follows the adventures of Gilbert's amazing gobstopper as it travels from his mouth to the bottom of the sea to the wilds of outer space.

My kids loved this book about the everlasting gobstopper!!

And, the title of this post? Yeah, the Everlasting Quilt. Lots of little pieces and seems to be taking me forever!!! It's actually called Everlasting Wreath.....scroll down on the linked page to find the pattern. I am enjoying seeing it come together, but I am SOOOO far from near the end of this one! I suppose this one qualifies for a WISP (Works In Slow Progress). Yeah, definitely. But, I'm keeping the project container near the machine and having it there makes me remember to sew a block here and there. I've got 19 of them done. And, let's see.....I need just 91 more!

I precut the fabric pieces and sorted them well, but it seems that I keep picking up the same fabrics over and over again. I know there will be more variety when I reach the end of the blocks, but for now it looks like I've only used 6 different fabrics!! Crazy!

Over the weekend, I also made 10 more red string blocks. Hmmm.....I need to decide how big I want this quilt. Maybe until I run out of red strings??? I don't know, that bucket was awful deep! LOL

And, I've been working away on my secret project. My goal was to sew an hour a day each day. Well, I'm almost half way done and I've spent 32 hours on it. Hmmmm, doing the math, I'd better sew for two hours a day to get this baby done in a timely manner! Not going to happen, I'm afraid. But, I'm plugging away at it!

Not alot to show for what I've done recently....but that happens sometimes. Working on blocks is really rather boring to blog about, but putting a quilt top together is exciting news! The only problem is you have to make blocks to make quilts!!

Happy Quilting!!!!!


LDN said...

Thanks for your note and suggestion, Paula. Let's see if this works!

LDN said...

WISPs - I have at least a couple of those! Great term.

Catherine said...

I LOVE that Everlasting Quilt!! It is way too tempting -- way, way, way too tempting!! Lots of lovely hand piecing there, if one wanted. Uh oh!!

Millie said...

Paula I love your everlasting quilt. I should start an everlasting quilt too. I can not always make the quilt in a day tipe of quilts.LOL

Diane said...

WISP sounds so much nicer than what I was calling a similar project. LOL! I love the EW blocks. I am making those blocks too, but I think I like yours better. :^)

Quilt Hollow said...

Your everlasting quilt is simply gorgeous. I guess working a bit at a time on it will pay off in the long run. Keep going....can't wait to see the finish!

Eileen said...

This is going to be a stunner when it is finished though. Keep at it! I'll go look at the pattern.. it looks paper-pieced..?

Hard too when you are working on a secret and cant show it in your blog. I have that going on right now too.

I was tagged earlier last week.. so if you'd like to play along, I tagged you too.. it's the eight random things one. If not.. that's perfectly fine.. no obligation. But it would be fun hearing more about you.