Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I spent a few hours yesterday working on some more Christmas shopping. I just thought I was through!! LOL How does that happen???

And here is what I saw yesterday while out shopping.....

And, this.....(Both these pics are from the web.)

But, all's well that ends well. I got everything done but one last small gift to purchase. I know just what it is and where to get that's not a big deal.

We made 10 dozen cookies on Thursday for mom's co-workers. I wrapped gifts yesterday.

While I was out, I picked up my new cell phone. We use Sprint and get free upgrades every two years...I don't care what kind I get, so long as it works and it's free. My phone is not a status symbol, like some may like, it's a workhorse.

Here is something funny about this phone. Remember, I like free or at least cheap....well, so does my mom, my sister, my BIL and my husband. We all have the same phone. YIKES! Dear Sister, BIL and mom had their phones first, we are copy cats. Oh well! So, now when they come over, no one can set their phone down. All of our "greetings" are different, so that will help us distinguish them from the others, but funny, nonetheless.

Not much quilty stuff happening this week...but this afternoon, Dear Younger Daughter and I are going to work on a project/gift for my little niece, her cousin. She's pretty excited. What kid doesn't like to use a sewing machine??? LOL

So.....Happy Quilting, or shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeni said...

Hi just drop in to see your blog
i will be back
have a great day

Sara said...

Glad you got your shopping done!

My sister and I used to have the same camera, which is not something that is easy to stick in your pocket. We were always mixing them up!

That would also be why my phone is pink! Both DH and BIL have the same phone

WhiteStone said...

I like 'free', too. My cell is one I've had for years. Dumped it in the ocean three years ago, rinsed it off, dried it out, and it continues to serve me well to this day. LOL

Sweet P said...

The malls are that busy here, despite all the snow.

I finished my Christmas shopping. Now I just need to finish my Christmas sewing.