Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Today has not been a quilting day....well, not really. My last post showed 8 little log cabins and today I have 12. So, that's progress. I did them this morning.

But, today, instead of quilting, we bought a dishwasher. I hated to do it, but Dear Brother replaced a part in November and in December, the motor started making a weird noise. By February, we knew the old dear would have to be put down. She was suffering, and frankly, so were we. We waited 3 weeks in lethargy not deciding what we should do. Or rather, in shock, because we knew what we had to do. So, today, we bit the bullet.

It's no easy task to shop with my hubby. No, he isn't a terror in the store....he comes with that has to be disassembled, loaded, unloaded, reassembled, disassembled, reloaded, unloaded and reassembled. Can you see why we put off buying a dishwasher? That wheelchair weighs 200 lbs. and even some of the parts when disassembled weigh about 40 lbs.

I know, REAL women buy their own dishwashers, but I don't like spending $500 on my own! Call me nuts, I like input. So, thankfully, Dear Younger Son, 19, went with us to the getting place and did all the work with the wheelchair .....and we purchased a dishwasher. (We also looked at flat screen tv's and discussed which one we needed for the bedroom and which one for the livingroom, but we came home with just a dishwasher on order!!!) Whew! We did it. It will be delivered next week and we'll have sanitized dishes once again.

I have a feeling this dishwasher is going to cut into my fabric money!!! Oh well, thankfully, I DO have a stash!

On a quilting note: I've had this book FOREVER! (Quilt in a Day book by Anne Dease) And right after I got my new sewing machine, I pulled the book out and grabbed some old fabrics. I just wanted to see if I could follow directions and make a quilt. I chose the crib size and when the top was done, I loved it. It's been sitting in my closet resting among other quilts....until this week. I pulled it out and asked grandma (my mom) if she'd like to hand quilt it. She's needing to keep her hands busy....just like we all like to do. So, we're off this week to purchase batting and some backing to make the quilt seem like something special. (We'll probably buy backing at Walmart since these fabrics are really old Walmart fabrics, but I still like the quilt!)

Happy Quilting!


Diane said...

Oh Paula, I know how your feeling. I need a new dishwasher too, but several reasons keep me from doing it, one being Ray is gone. I'm with you if I have to spend money I want him to be with me! I really like the quilt top! It really looks nice, and it will be great hand quilted. Maybe baptist fans?

Patti said...

I'm not surprised you still like it - it's a very pretty top! I think having it hand quilted is a great idea.

Libby said...

How wonderful to have your top hand quilted *s* Enjoy your new dishwasher . . . I'm currently in 'denial mode' that ours may need replaced.

Rose said...

That is a really nice quilt top! I love the border fabric.

Enjoy your new dishwasher!