Sunday, May 4, 2008

Orange Crush Part 3 - DONE!!!!

I finally got out the 2 inch strip bucket and cut up the Orange Crush Part 3! This morning, since we weren't able to attend church.....I used my "quiet time" to sew up the 44 half blocks required. It went pretty fast, and I was surprised. I'd never done anything like this. It's pretty nice not knowing what lies ahead concerning the mystery. Just take one step at a time and sew it, even if you don't really understand! Ahhh.....going with the flow!

Dear Hubby is feeling a bit pooped today. We had air conditioner problems this week and ended up with a new unit. With Multiple Sclerosis, heat makes him terribly weak. If it continues, he ends up almost paralyzed and then unable to breathe. Air conditioning is not a luxury here! It's an absolute necessity. The temps were mild, for Houston weather.....80-85 degrees, but the temps in the house were up to 88 the last day. Too hot for DH!!!! And to those who "helped" with our A/C issues, you know who you are.....I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't know what I'd do without you!!!!

Happy Quilting Bloggy Friends!!!!


Dawn said...

Ha! I laughed about the 'just take one step at at time and sew it, even if you don't understand it'---my mantra many, many days.

Our temps have been unseasonably cold here in Wisconsin (30's-40's)-consider yourself with 'a standing invitation' to come up anytime!

Jeanne said...

Paula, I'm glad the A/C problem has been fixed. It must have horrible for your husband, especially. Your Step 3 blocks are wonderful! The colors and fabrics look similar to mine.