Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cookie Exchange and blessings....

Dear Friends came over yesterday and the hubby of the couple installed two ramps leading to our deck, so that Dear Hubby can roll outside and enjoy a cup of coffee with me! Today, the temperature is 71 degrees. That may still a bit cool for Dear Hubby, he's so sensitive to temperature, but maybe we can slip outside this afternoon for a warm cup of coffee! It's supposed to warm up to 74 or 75. Living in the Houston area allows us to enjoy the outdoors even in the winter!!

And, a friend invited Dear Older Daughter and I over last night for a Christmas Cookie Exchange. Each person was to bring 6 dz. cookies to swap. We actually made 18 dz. cookies and took 1/2 of them over to another friend who is expecting twins, and she already has three little ones!! She and her hubby THOUGHT they were through having babies!! (Babies have a way of happening, but twins can be twice as shocking!!!!) Anyway, she can't do as much this year to prepare for Christmas, so we took her half of the cookies we swapped. Dear Daughter and I had a really nice time. And we came home with some wonderful recipes.

Here is a pic of our loot from the party. There is a lovely little container of broken cookies, ones that didn't make it home intact, sitting beside the coffee pot. Perfect for enjoying while all the other preparations are going on. And, I won't tell how many disappeared shortly after arriving home last night!!!

And, today, another friend is coming by to visit with Dear Hubby. I'm hoping while he's visiting, I can spend some time at the sewing machine. Today will probably be my last day to be able to sneak in some time sewing. Tomorrow I begin cutting up celery, onion, bell peppers, etc. preparing for the Christmas meal. I think I can even make the cheeseball and I really need to blanch the green beans I purchased yesterday. Busy, busy, busy!!!

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas preparations and finding blessings amid the busy-ness!

Happy Quilting and Merry Christmas!!!!


WhiteStone said...

I am so glad to see you back blogging again. The cookie exchange looks wonderful! Yum!

NanaKaren said...

How nice that a friend built your hubby a ramp so he can enjoy the outside on the deck!

The cookies look delicious!

Have a blessed Christmas.

Jackie said...

The cookies look pretty! I'm sure they taste good too. I didn't get any baking completed this year. Maybe I should organize a cookie exchange next year!

MARCIE said...

Yummy looking cookies, and such a cute little quilt! Hee hee! Hope your holiday season is wonderful!