Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby steps back into sewing....

I really wanted to sew, but this made it impossible!!!! What a mess.

During the six weeks (or so) I was away from my blog, I was busily working on wedding stuff. Making invitations for the Rehearsal Dinner, purchasing stuff (and stashing receipts so I'd have an idea of just how much I spent!!), rearranging, and throwing stuff on the cutting and sewing tables. And, this is what I ended up with! Oh my!!

After a day of piddling and moving, throwing away, refiling, cleaning, shredding and stashing....now I can think about sewing. I still need to dust and vacuum, but you have to admit, it's so much better!! That stack of fabric is a quilt I started before the wedding, just for fun. I don't know if I'll start with that (it had started getting on my nerves and that's why it's still there) or if I'll start on those wonderful Geese in the Forest.

Speaking of which, did I understand correctly??? I need to make 29 of Block 2? Is anyone else doing this? I can't find the block requirements anywhere online anymore. Can someone enlighten me????

I think I'm going to put on some music and see what happens. Oh, I forgot, I need to pick up some groceries too. Maybe I'll sew a bit later this afternoon?????

Edited to add: Please do some research, Paula!!! Ughhh. What do you know??? Visit the blog and read "Block 2 is called "Friendly Flock". Why? Because you have to make 27 of them and I thought it would help to think of them as amicable geese."


Libby said...

Welcome back *s* Relax, take a deep breath . . . it will all fall into place.

WhiteStone said...

A clean sewing room is a good sewing room. Mine is good rather infrequently. LOL

Gayle Bong said...

There are several mantras I keep repeating at times like this.
1. All in good time
2. It's just a phase of my life I gotta get through.
3. Nothing stays the same forever.
Good luck getting back into the sewing of things.

Catherine said...

Now that your sewing room is tidied up, I bet you're creating something wonderful in no time!

Jackie said...

A clean sewing area IS a start!

Welcome back!