Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sewing Spree!!

I'm enjoying a sewing spree! I've been on a roll since quilt show. I suppose all the lovely quilts, fabrics, patterns and quilters inspired me.

The first thing that I thought of this morning was my Star Quilt Along Quilt. I really needed to add the borders to that quilt. But I wasn't too sure what I would do. I'm a big fan of saturated color and too much white has never been a favorite of mine. So, I was thinking about adding a two inch border of the fabric that I used for the setting blocks on this quilt. I had already looked at the leftover bit and just knew there wouldn't be enough. Yes, I even did the math and there wasn't enough, I was one 2 1/2 inch strip short. So, it sat while I thought things through, trying to decide what I would do for the first border.

This morning, I walked into the sewing room and evidently, my mother had walked through and saw some fabric hiding behind a table. She picked it up and left it sitting on my cutting table. Guess what it was???? A 2 1/2 inch strip of that same fabric I needed. I must have dropped it at some point when cutting the strips for the setting blocks!! Yippee! I was so excited that I added that border on right away and continued working on the next border. How cool is that? And how often does something like that happen???

For the outer border, I'm using various greens in different lengths. Two sides are sewn on, and the other two are cut and just need to be sewn. But, since I have a little issue with concentration, I set it aside for a bit to sew on something else.

I've had this little project, Everlasting Wreath, cut out and waiting for a while, but just couldn't make myself sit down and start on it. This first pic of it is the pic from the pattern front.

I decided that I needed to make this one a block party quilt. When I use the term Block Party, all I am going to do is try to make one block a day and before I know it, all 110 will be finished. Who knows, one day I might get all tickled and sew 3 or 4!! This way I don't get bored too easily! It worked for my Off Centered Log Cabin blocks and Dear Younger Son's Double Four I'm hoping it will work for this quilt too.

Here is a pic of two of the blocks that I've gotten done.

And here, is one I found online that is gorgeous!!! I can't remember where I found that last pic, but it's beautiful. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know and I'll give it proper credit.

And lastly, over the past few days, I've been madly cutting strips and sewing up these Double Four Patches for a quilt I'm going to call Hopscotch. I fell in love with this quilt I found at Quilting With The Past. It's amazing, and has my very favorite piece.....squares. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Thanks so much Lucy for sharing the pics of your beautiful quilt. Here are the blocks for my version. I'm making them using my CW reproduction fabrics. I'm loving it!!!

And, so.....on goes the sewing spree. I hope it never ends, but I know that at some point life will interfere and I will have to put down the fabric and get something done, like lunch or dinner. But, for now, I'm having a wonderful time, and I'm staying out of trouble!! (Well mostly.....)

Happy SEWING and QUILTING!!!!!


paula, the quilter said...

I always seem to get energized after a quilt show. Those are some great projects you are working on.

Monique said...

how fun is staying OUT of trouble?

Libby said...

*yummy* I love a good sewing spree. You've got a lot fun goodies going right now. It will be fun to watch them all come together *s*

quilterpolly said...

love the big project that you want to undertake:) this will keep you busy with all your projects:)

Sara said...

wow, you got a lot done! They look great - can't wait for a day of sewing!

Sue R said...

You're really on a roll. I *love* the Everlasting Wreath pattern.

Janet said...

Your Everlasting Wreath is going to be wonderful. Enjoy your spree...