Friday, June 27, 2008

Small Quilt Challenge

O.K. Quilty, Bloggy is the challenge.

I challenge you to make a small quilt, under 36 inches, using one unit plus borders. Here are some examples of one unit.




Feel free to cut, flip and otherwise alter your one unit pieces to get something unique. Quilters are so talented. But, just so you'll know, I'm pretty run of the mill and average. I think I'll make mine using HST (half square triangles). I've never made a quilt using only HST's. This should be fun!

Let's get to work and get the tops completed and blogged by July 5th! Post a comment here, if you are joining the challenge!

Happy Quilting!!!!!


Sweet P said...

I'm glad to see you're blogging again! I had been thinking about you.

I'd love to join your Challenge but we leave on vacation this Sunday and don't return until July 10th. Maybe I'll try it later this summer. It's a great challenge. Although this morning I finished a quilt that is 36 x 36. Does that count? There's a photo and a description of it on my blog.

Libby said...

What fun!

Sara said...

I think I will join in! I would love to make a small quilt - now to find the time!

whitestone said...

I'm in! At least I am if you accept a small quilt that has already been started. It's been waiting for that final burst of energy to finish it. I'll be happy to post a photo but don't know how to add it here.

Stewpot said...

I wonder if these little quilts could be donated to a crisis pregnancy center or something like that in memory of Christa and baby. I don't know how it would work out, just a thought to see some good from the horribleness of it all. Praise God she and baby are walking the streets of gold with Jesus.
God is good through it all.

Diane said...

I'm in Florida house hunting and can't send emails, but can leave comments on your blog, go figure!
Tell J that H is BEAUTIFUL! I am not doing the challenge this week, but I have my machine and some blocks to work on in the hotel. Love to all.

Rhonda said...

I'll try's 4:10 PM on this Wednesday and I have until July 5th.....piece of cake?????LOL